Forthcoming Shows



I SAW IT FIRST, I WANT IT WORSE: Cultivate at Columbia Road – Second show of the six week Cultivate residency at Shipton Street Gallery, Columbia Road,

Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey follow their appearance at this year”s London Art Car Boot Fair with a gallery full of Emma’s Riot Grrrl flavours, feminist paintings of punk bands and more – expect images of Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear, Sever Year Bitch, Tribe 8, Bratmobile and many more ,  Meanwhile more of Sean’s riffs on the Cheap Art Manifesto, notions of a “Better Woolworths” and such, expect the spirit of the Art Car Boot Fair to continue in the gallery, expect lots of affordable art,

We’ll be joined by Jessica Scott. We came across Jessica at the Art Car Boot Fair, well see found Emma’s art and we started talking about Bikini Kill and things and well the long and short of it all is that we had to invite her to come join in… Expect guest artists throughout the two weeks including Mia Jane Harris, James Bell, Suzie Pindar and….

Expect new work as the show evolves, expect lots of affordable art and more. Remember now, art is not a business, art is like good bread, art is good for your soul – Opening night Thursday September 27th then open on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday until October 7th    Entry is free, bring your own refreshment, bring cash, paintings on sales for as little as a fiver… And yes, the show title does come from a Seven Year Bitch song… There’s some photos and words from the first week here


Part One, Intention, September 2018

CULTIVATE COLUMBIA ROAD – Part One: INTENTION – The opening group show at the first show of the six week Cultivate residency at Shipton Street Gallery, Columbia Road, East London (just off the Hackney Road and right by the flower market and such) .

Entry is free – Opening night Thursday September 20th (6pm until 9pm) , then Friday September 21st until Sunday 23rd (11am until 6pm). Entry is free, everyone is welcome, no need to get on lists or any of that nonsense. This will be the first of four shows at the gallery from Cultivate over the six week period

The intention is to kick off the six week take over with a short sharp group show, a mixed media show featuring the paintings of Emma Harvey, the intrigue of James Bell, performance and artwork from Marnie Scarlet, sculpture and assemblage from Mia-Jane Harris, a leaf or two from painter Sean Worrall, the very painterly photography of artist Sofia Martins and attitude of mixed-media artist Suzie Pindar. Expect cross -pollination, expect busy walls in an intimate space, expect an artist-led art show – and now the show has been and gone there’s some words and photos here


CULTIVATE COLUMBIA ROAD – Opening night September 20th –  A six week take over of an art gallery by the East End flower market from Thursday September 20th until the end of October, more news of the shows soon.

#365ARTDROP18 – A PIECE OF WORK FROM SEAN WORRALL IN 365 PARTS THROUGHOUT 2018  – The notion of 365 art drops in 2018, never actually dropped of course, always carefully hung. 365 painting on material found on the street. Another 365 paintings hung out on walls and such for people to take should they wish to do so. Just like 2016, not one a day, just 365 during the year. Follow the hashtag on social media for more #365ArtDrop18


The 2018 ART CAR BOOT FAIR will take place on September 16th, 2018 between Midday and 6pm. A new venue again this year, find it over at Granary Square, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4AA. Once again we shall be there, always one of our favourite days of the art year – been and gone now, great day, brilliant actually, there’s some words and photos from the day here


Intent – :the state of mind with which an act is done.

Intent – a cultivated art show in two parts.

intent – ɪnˈtɛnt/ – noun : intent; intention or purpose. synonyms: aim, purpose, intention, objective, object, goal, target, end;
design, plan, scheme; resolve, resolution, determination; wish, desire, ambition, idea, dream, aspiration, hope

adjective: intent – determined to do (something).. Giving all your attention to something: an intent stare – She had an intent look on her face.

The Intent is for an art show to happen in two parts in two places, the Intent is to have an art show in two parts with both parts happening at the same time Intent (part one) will follow our rather successful on-line group show experiments of 2017 and will happen via the Cultivate website as well as the ever busy Organ website. Intent (part two) will happen physically via the gallery walls and floors down in that underground basement gallery known as BSMT Space (over on the borders of Hackney in Dalston, London N16).

The intent then is for Cultivate to curate a show in two parts, a show called Intent. Intent will happen in January 2018, one carefully curated art show happening in two parts in two places via two different formats. Intent (part one) will open on-line at 6pm on Tuesday January 16th, Intent (part two) will open at 6pm on Thursday January 18th at BSMT Space Intent (part one) will be an open call show, Intent (part two) will be via invitation and a very limited open call

THE (ACCIDENTAL) MARKS MADE WHILE MAKING ART is an on-line group show, it went  live via both the Organ website and the Cultivate site on Monday November 6th 2017. 



THE (ACCIDENTAL) MARKS MADE WHILE MAKING ART will be another cultivated on-line art show, following on from the Red, Black and Blue on-line shows/experiments.

The accidental marks made while making art are always intriguing, the floors of artist’s studios, their boots or dresses or shirts, the outside wall that a canvas might have been propped against while it was being painted on. The photographs of studio floors, paint covered boots, colour-encrusted easels, old paint brushes, painting tables, painting marks, all the marks artist make while making art. We didn’t want photos or images of the actual art the artists make, we wanted the accidental marks made as a result of making art, the stain on the studio floor, the photos of old brushes, the marks once the performance is over  The selected photographs of the marks will run as an on-line exhibition.


Cultivate presents: A #43ArtDrop in and around Folkestone – Friday 22nd September – Another of 2017’s #43ArtDrop pieces from Sean Worrall. This time, following on from all the fun of the seaside and the Art Car Boot Fair back on the opening Saturday of the 2017 Folkestone Triennial, we return to the Harbour, the old High Street, the Art School and the glorious seaside town with another #43ArtDrop piece. 43 small paintings from Sean Worrall left in and around Folkestone, 43 pieces of art carefully placed, never dropped, always carefully placed, paintings hung on walls, out on the street for people to take should they wish to. 43 Paintings, one piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings left hanging around the town on Friday September 22nd for hopefully 43 different people to take and to hopefully post selfie style photos of on their social media using the #43ArtDrop hashtag, the hashtag, the finders and the engagement are an important part of these pieces of work (hopefully it will be 43 people and not one person taking all 43 please). See you at the seaside


CULTIVATE at the ART CAR BOOT FAIR – FOLKESTONE, Harbour Arm, Saturday Sept 2nd (Midday until 4pm) – The Art Car Boot Fair is off to the seaside again. Each year the Art Car Boot Fair follows the main London event by taking to the road, in past years we’ve been to Liverpool, Hastings, Margate, this year we return to Folkstone for the opening day of the always excellent Folkestone Triennial. Once again the Cultivate team of Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey, along with regular guests Quiet British Accent have been invited to join in alongside an exciting list of artists. More details very soon…


SOMETHING BLUE – Following on from the successful experiment that was the recent Red and Something Black shows, we shall do it all again, this time something blue, the show will go live here on the Cultivate website and the Organ website at 6pm on August 8th 2017.



CULTIVATE “originals”at the ART CAR BOOT FAIR – LONDON, Sunday July 9th ,  This year a new venue, The Workshop, Whitgift Street, Vauxhall, London, SE11

Always an exciting pleasure to be invited to take part in the Art Car Boot Fair. As we’ve said before, this is the day when art lets down his or her hair (still wonder if art is a he or a she?), always one of the highlights of the London art Calendar, and this year things are to be a little bit re-booted… the theme is “Originals” and there’s an exciting new venue down by the Newport Street gallery in Vauxhall.

This year sees a return to the event being more about the actual artists than galleries and the rules all the artists will be there in their car boots.  Entry is £5

This year we shall be three, three Cultivate original artists and lots of original art made for the fair, Cultivate founders Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey will once again br joined by guests and regular Cultivate collaborators Quiet British Accent (and tes technically QBA are two artists, so in truth we;ll be four original artists).   We look forward to seeing you all there .

Full list of artist and the latest news from the Art Car Boot Fair organisers….

“We’ll be announcing our full line-up in the first week of June as we are building our list slowly this year to allow for some exciting new names, faces and works! Meanwhile here are some artists who we have already confirmed for our London event!  – Sir Peter Blake . Gavin Turk . Matt Collishaw . Geraldine Swayne . Polly Morgan . Rachel Howard . Pam Hogg . The Idler . Marcus Harvey . Kristjana S Williams . Tracey Neuls . Keith Coventry . Black Cow Vodka Ian Dawson . Jane Simpson . Jessica Voorsanger . Alice Herrick . Nina Fowler . Paul Kindersley . Robert Rubbish . Keeler Tornero . Misha . Sean Worrall . Emma Harvey . Quiet British Accent . Richard Strange . Ricahrd Clegg . Barry Reigate . Jake Clarke . Carrie Reichardt . Schoony . Pure Evil Marie – Teresa Gavazzi . Paul Sakoilsky Trolley . Renaissance Selfies . Bumble & Earwig . Boo Saville . James Unsworth . X Ray Fog . Kate Knight . James Joyce . James Unsworth . Amelia Troubridge.  Special single artists presentations from Artlyst . Art on a Postcard . True Rocks . House of Fairytales . The Idler . Cob Gallery . Wimpole Hall Studios . Moniker . Turps Banana . Other Criteria . Beaconsfield . Newport Street Gallery . Alteria Arts . Jealous Gallery . Flying Leaps . Outside World.



CULTIVATE presents INTERACT – Thursday June 15th to Sunday June 18th, Coate Studios, 37 Coate Street, Hackney, London, E2 9AG. Another gathering of pro-active artists coming together and doing it A group show of invited artists curated by the Cultivate team. Another short sharp art show in a rather BIG and rather exciting, rather big East London space (just off the Hackney Road). Artists once again coming together and doing it ourselves once more… Doing it rather than just talking about doing it.  Organ review of the opening night / photos of the art


SOMETHING BLACK – Following on from the successful experiment that was the recent Red show, we shall do it all again, this time something black, the show will go live here on the Cultivate website and the Organ website at 6pm on April 28th 2017.

RED (On-line)  via the Cultivate and Organ websites from 20th February 2017. – RED (On-Line) will be an on-line exhibition. Red will feature the work of at least 20 selected artists. Submissions are being accepted now. The show will go live on line on the Organ website and on the Cultivate website on February 20th and will run until the world ends (or we do). The show is now live, view it here (over 7000 did in the first week)

FRAGILE – CULTIVATE at BSMT Space  –   9th-12th February 2017 – CULTIVATE returns to Dalston and that beautiful basement knows as BSMT Space. In March 2016 it was DEBASER and slicing up eye balls, and in September 2016 it was DEBASED, and on 9th February 2017 it will be back for the third time and the last of a series of three shows called  FRAGILE… Another gathering of pro-active artists and a maximalist exercise in cross-pollination.


Fragile – Cultivate at BSMT Space, Feb 2017


SEAN WORRALL – ‘#43 – The final 43 paintings dropped before the end of 2016’
15 – 31 December 2016

‘CULTIVATE DEBASED at BSMT Space’  22 – 25 September 2016

‘CULTIVATE Goes To The Dogs’, Victoria Park, East London,  Sunday 11 Sept 2016,


‘CULTIVATE at ART CAR BOOT FAIR 2016’, 12 June 2016, Brick Lane, London

‘HARVEY & WORRALL at WALL & JONES’ 27 -29 May 2016, 340 Hackney Rd, London

‘SEAN WORRALL – Sometimes They Have Thorns’ 12 – 20 April 2016, Fount London, London Fields, E8 3RN

‘The CULTIVATE SPRING ART MART’ 16 & 17 April 2016, Fount London, London Fields, E8

‘DEBASER – CULTIVATE at BSMT Space’ 24 – 27 March 2016

‘REVEAL – CULTIVATE at FOUNT LONDON’ 7th – 10th January 2016

‘CULTIVATE at the ART CAR BOOT FAIR MARGATE’ Sunday 30th August 2015, Turner Contemporary, Margate

‘CULTIVATE at the BRICK LANE ART CAR BOOT FAIR’ Sunday 14th June 2015

‘PLAY: An Art Event In A Warehouse’, London Fields, Hackney, E8  6th – 7th June 2015

‘I’LL BE BACK IN FIVE MINUTES…..’ , Cultivate Vyner Street, 25th – 5th October 2014

‘SEAN WORRALL & guests – WHAT PRICE ART?’, Cultivate Vyner Street, 18th – 21st September 2014

‘WE ARE THREE at CULTIVATE, SEPTEMBER FIRST THURSDAY’, Cultivate Vyner Street, First Thursday 4th September 2014,

‘CULTIVATE at the ART CAR BOOT FAIR, FOLKESTONE’ Saturday 30th August 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED – ART DOES NOT GO ON HOLIDAY, Cultivate Vyner Street, – The Next Two Weeks, 14th to 27th August’ 14th – 27th August 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED – Next Two Weeks – 31st July-13th August’, Cultivate Vyner Street, 31st July – 13th August 2014

‘AUGUST FIRST THURSDAY at CULTIVATE EVOLVED’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  First Thursday 7th August 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED – LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS, Cultivate Vyner Street, 17th – 29th July 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED presents A BETTER WOOLWORTHS at A FETE WORSE THAN DEATH 20th Anniversary’ Saturday 19th July 2014, Redchurch Street, East London.

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED – The Next Two Weeks, Cultivate Vyner Street, – 3rd July – 16th July’


‘JULY FIRST THURSDAY at CULTIVATE EVOLVED’, Cultivate Vyner Street, First Thursday 3rd July 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED The Next Two Weeks, Cultivate Vyner Street, 19th June – 2nd July 2014

‘MIDSUMMER EVE and Weekend at CULTIVATE EVOLVED’, Cultivate Vyner Street, 20th – 22nd June 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED – The Next Two Weeks, Cultivate Vyner Street, 5th – 18th June 2014

‘CULTIVATE at the BRICK LANE ART CAR BOOT FAIR’ Sunday 8th June 2014

‘JUNE FIRST THURSDAY at CULTIVATE EVOLVED’, Cultivate Vyner Street, First Thursday 5th June 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED, The next two weeks, Cultivate Vyner Street, 22nd May – 4th June 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED, Cultivate Vyner Street, 8th – 21st May 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED, Cultivate Vyner Street, 1st – 7th May 2014

‘MAY FIRST THURSDAY at CULTIVATE EVOLVED’, Vyner Street, First Thursday 1st May 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED, Cultivate Vyner Street, 24th – 30th April 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED – The Next Two Weeks, Cultivate Vyner Street, 10th – 23rd April 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED – The Next Two Weeks, Cultivate Vyner Street,  27th March – 9th April 2014

‘THE RED WALL, THE BATTLE DECKS and the LATEX at CULTIVATE EVOLVED, and a Saturday evening opening at CULTIVATE EVOLVED, VYNER STREET’ Saturday 12th April, 18:00 – 21:00

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED – 13th – 26th March 2014’
23th – 26th March 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED, The Next Two Weeks – 27th February to 12th March 2014’
27th February – 12th March 2014


‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED: 13th – 26th February 2014’ 13th – 26th February 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED: First Thursday February 2014’ 6th -12th February 2014

‘CULTIVATE EVOLVED: First Thursday January 2014’ First Thursday 2nd January 2014

‘ART IS FOR LIFE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS’, Cultivate Vyner Street, 21st November – 8th December 2013

‘WHAT PRICE ART?’ A show where the buyer sets the price, Cultivate Vyner Street,
14th – 17th November 2013

‘RE-UP’, Cultivate Vyner Street, 31st October – 10th November 2013

‘TEN @ CULTIVATE, VYNER STREET’ 24th – 30th October 2013

‘PRISM’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  17th – 22nd October 2013

‘Yes, I know where Bistrotheque is’, Cultivate Vyner Street, 3rd – 16th October 2013

EMMA HARVEY, ‘FLESHED’, Cultivate Vyner Street, 19th September – 2nd October, 2013

‘NOTIONS OF THE STREET’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  12th – 17th September, 2013

‘TWO’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  29th August – 10th September, 2013

‘LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  15th – 27th August, 2013

‘WE ARE ALL SKATEBOARDERS’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  1st – 13th August, 2013

‘ALWAYS THERE’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  18th – 26th July 2013

‘CULTIVATE, as part of the ART CAR BOOT FAIR, at the OPEN EAST FESTIVAL’ at: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Sat 27th & Sun 28th July 2013

‘PINK’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  4th – 16th July, 2013

‘MIDSUMMER’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  20th June – 2nd July 2013

‘The CULTIVATE SUMMER FLOWER SHOW’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  6th – 18th June, 2013

‘ART CAR BOOT FAIR’ on Brick Lane, Sunday 9th June 2013

‘THIS WEEK(and next)’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  24th May – 4th June 2013

‘CAN?’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  2nd – 21st May, 2013

‘SEAN WORRALL and guests’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  25th – 30th April 2013

‘TEN:2’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  11th – 23rd April, 2013

‘RED REVISED’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  28th March – 9th April 2013

‘FIRST FRIDAY ARTIST NETWORKING MEETING’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  Friday 5th April,

‘SPRING’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  7th – 27th March 2013

‘YEASTIE GIRLS’, A celebration of Riot Grrl, Cultivate Vyner Street,  21st February – 5th March 2013

‘TEN’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  14th – 20th February 2013

‘INTERNATIONAL FREE ART FRIDAY (LONDON)’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  Friday 15th February 2013

‘BACK IN BLACK’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  31st January – 12th February 2013

‘BANG!’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  3rd – 21st January 2013

‘ART IS FOR LIFE, NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS’ (The Return), Cultivate Vyner Street,  6th – 23rd December 2012

‘FREE ART FRIDAY’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  Friday 14th December, 2012

‘PRIMARIES’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  22nd November – 4th December 2012

‘SILENT STEPS’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  15th – 21st November 2012

‘QUESTION?’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  8th – 13th November, 2012

‘DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (DAY OF THE DEAD)’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  1st – 4th November 2012

‘OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE AVAILABLE: THE CULL’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  25th – 31st October 2012

‘CULTIVATION’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  11th – 24th October 2012

‘IN RUST WE TRUST – A study in the beauty of urban decay with Mydog Sighs’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  4th – 10th October 2012

‘SHOES’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  20th September – 3rd October 2012

‘LAY LO’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  13th – 19th September 2012

30th August – 11th September 2012

‘FREE ART FRIDAY’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  Friday 7th September, 15:00 – 21:00

‘YOUR CALL part 2: SUMMER IN THE STREET…’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  16th – 28th August 2012

‘LONDON: YOUR CALL’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  27th July – August 2012

‘DEEP PURPLE’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  5th – 22nd July 2012


‘LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  14th – 27th June 2012

‘BODIES’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  31st May – 13th June 2012

CULTIVATE AT THE APPLE CART FESTIVAL, Victroia Park, East London,  Sunday 3rd June 2012

‘THREE X THREE pt.4 with MYDOG SIGHS, GARETH MORGAN and LEWIS BANNISTER’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  24th – 30th May 2012

‘ART CAR BOOT FAIR – Brick Lane’
Sunday 27th May 2012

‘SOME CATCH’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  17th – 23rd May 2012

‘NUMBERS’ group show, Cultivate Vyner Street, – MAY First Thursday 3rd May – 16th May 2012

‘THREE X THREE pt.3 with CHARLIE McFARLEY, MERLIN RAMOS and ISH SAHOTAY’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  26th April – 2nd May 2012

‘VINYL’, Cultivate Vyner Street, 19th – 24th April 2012

‘FOOL’S GOLD’ group show, Cultivate Vyner Street, – APRIL First Thursday 29th March – 17th April 2012

‘THREE x THREE pt.2 with BEN FENTON, PAULA MacARTHUR & TOM BANKS’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  22nd – 28th March 2012

‘RIGID’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  15th – 21st March 2012

‘IT IS GREEN’ group show – MARCH First Thursday, Cultivate Vyner Street, 1st – 14th March 2012

‘THREE X THREE pt.1 with COS AHMET, EMMA HARVEY & DARREN MacPHERSON’, Cultivate Vyner Street, 23rd – 29th February 2012

‘STABLE STATES’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  16th – 22nd February 2012

‘BLACK’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  2nd – 14th February 2012

VV presents ‘SHOW YOUR FACE’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  26 January – 1st February 2012

‘SEAN WORRALL / ALAN WILSON – PRUNING SHOCK’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  19th – 22nd January 2012

‘EVERYTHING MUST GO’ – the two week January Sale, What Price Art?, Cultivate Vyner Street,   5th – 15th January 2012

‘ART IS FOR LIFE, NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS…’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  20th December 2011 – 3rd January 2012

‘ADD MIXTURE’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  15th – 18th December 2011

‘MEENAN SISTERS GROUP EXHIBITION and POP UP SHOP’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  12th – 14th December 2011

‘JAYI KIM: UNCONSCIOUSNESS (Lack of Being)’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  9th -11th December 2011

‘SOMETHING BLUE’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  24th November – 4th December 2011

‘IMMERSED IN MY DREAMS’ A film by MIA PFEIFER on the wall outside Cultivate Vyner Street, Thursday 1st December, 18.00 – 21.00

‘SEAN WORRALL, PAINTINGS’, Cultivate Vyner Street, 10th – 22nd November 2011

‘FREE ART THURSDAY’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  Thursday 17th November 2011

TINSEL and TWINKLE present ‘SOMETHING BORROWED’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  3rd – 9th November 2011

‘LITTLE BENEFITS’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  21st – 30th October 2011

‘RED’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  6th – 19th October 2011

‘INTERIM’ – Steven Rawlings, Cultivate Vyner Street,  19th – 29th September 2011

‘WHAT PRICE ART?’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  15th – 18th September 2011

’22 HOURS’, Cultivate Vyner Street,  8th – 11th September 2011

THE STINGING NETIL, Netil Market, Hackney, East London, Summer 2011