Open calls

Open calls – the kind that don’t require you have to pay a fee just to submit an e.mail of course – are something we are very keen on at Cultivate. Of course it was easy to run open call shows regularly when we had a permanent home, our current nomadic lifestyle doesn’t really lend itself to the notion of open calls so well. Do watch this space though, we will have open call gallery shows happening from time to time and we do appreciate how important both group shows and open calls are.  And remember, any open call that asks you to pay JUST to submit and e.mail is really something of a cynical con designed to exploit young artists who don’t know the score, these shows are almost certainly going to be a waste of your time and money, don’t be suckered in to paying just to submit an e.mail, follow that link you just passed for lots more thought on the subject

For the sake of clarity: We STRONGLY object to open calls/competitions that demand a fee just to submit an e.mail image to a selection process. As artists we strongly vocally object to being charged just to take part in an often dubious on-line selection process and here at Cultivate we will NEVER demand a submission fee from an artist just to send in an e.mail in the hope of maybe being selected.  The practice is cynical, it exploits artists and it is simply wrong.  When we do put on group shows we will sometimes ask artists who are ACTUALLY TAKING PART to contribute a reasonable share to the costs, to help contribute to the rent/space hire expenses and such, only those who are invited to ACTUALLY TAKE PART though, and NEVER the many who don’t make it past the submission process.  We will not work with galleries or artists who are involved in running these cynical open calls and we believe all artists should voice a loud vocal no to anyone who does wish to charge a cynical submission fee.

We’ll be along with the next full-on physical gallery open call in a moment or two, We’re busy with other things right now, we’re working on a few things behind the scenes for later this year and we have run four open call shows in 2017 already.



THE (ACCIDENTAL) MARKS MADE WHILE MAKING ART  – The (Accidental) Marks Made While Making Art will be another cultivated on-line art show, following on from Red, Black and Blue shows/experiments. The accidental marks made while making art are always intriguing, the floors of artist’s studios, their boots or dresses or shirts, the outside wall that a canvas might have been propped against while it was being painted on. This open call is for photographs of your studio floors, your paint covered boots, your colour encrusted easels, your old paint brushes, painting tables, painting marks, all the marks you make while making art. We DON’T want photos or images of your actual art, we want the accidental marks made as a result of making your art, the stain on your studio floor, your photos of old brushes, the marks once the performance is over

The selected photographs of your marks will run in an online exhibition along with a link to your website and an introduction of no more than one hundred words. Please apply with a maximum of five photos.

Deadline for submissions is midnight (UK time) Monday October 30th, the show will go live on the Cultivate website and via the Organ magaine website on Monday November 6th at 6pm UK time.

Submit your photo(s), a link to your website and a short one hundred word description of who you are, as well as clear information in terms of what we are actually looking at please. We will get back to you with a yes or no within one week of submission

Submissions need to be e.mailed to info @ cultivategallery dot com with “MARKS SUBMISSION” in the subject line. Submit your photo(s), a link to your website and a short one hundred word description of who you are, we will get back to you with a yes or no within one week.


The Marks Made While Making Art….

The SOMETHING BLUE open call is now closed, the third in a trio of on-line shows, will go live on-line on August 8th, deadline is July 24th.  The third in a series of on-line shows via both the Organ website and the Cultivate website following the Red and Something Black  open call shows. This is an open call invite for artists who wish to be involved.

SOMETHING BLUE will once again happen on-line, please take a look at the previous on-line shows Red and Something Black, those two shows should tell you more about the forthcoming Something Blue show than anything we say here will.

SOMETHING BLUE will be a carefully curated show feature the work of around 43 selected and invited artists. Submissions are being accepted now. The show will once again go live on-line via the Organ website and via the Cultivate website on Tuesday August 1st and will run until the world ends (or until we do in terms of Cultivate).

The submitted work needs to be of a BLUE nature, blue will once again unite the show. The recent Red experiment was visited by over 2000 viewers in the first two hours and over 6000 in the first week, the Something Black show enjoyed twice as many hits in the first week, both shows continue to enjoy lots of attention from all over the world.

There is no charge to submit a piece, some galleries will tell you it cost them lots of money to open an e.mail so they have to charge you an “admin fee”, well no, that’s a load of rather cynical rubbish on the part of the galleries who do this. There will be no charge in any way in terms of taking part, all we ask you to do is to post links and do a little bit of sharing once the show has gone live  We’ll select at least the most exciting artists or pieces of work and post it all along with those all important links to the artist’s the start of August

You can submit up to three images of your work, all disciplines are acceptable (no photography though, sorry, trying to avoid lots of people pointing cameras at blue doors, all valid in the right place, there are plenty of photography galleries out there). Please make it VERY CLEAR  what we are looking (are you submitting an image of a painting? A print, a piece of digital art a piece of sculpture of installation). We need to know medium, size, and we INSIST on a link to your website so we ca nfind out more about you and of course add the link when the show goes live (your website or at least a Facebook page, not one of those damn Saatchi type on-line shop things please). We’ll respond within five days to all submissions. Let’s keep it simple and easy, nothing more annoying than e.mail tennis and having to ask the obvious)

SUBMISSIONS via j.peg to info @, please mark you e.mails “Something Blue Open Call”  and please include a link to your website so we can find out a little about your art (alternatively find the call on Curator Space)


The on-line shows are intended as supplements to things we do physically, the gallery shows and the rest.

INTERACT… This open call is now closed, the show opens on June 15th


INTERACT is to be a Cultivate curated multidisciplinary group show, an art show alive with painting, sculpture, installation and more, it will happen at Coate Studio, a rather large space in Hackney, East London.  Opening night will be Thursday June 15th and the show will run over the weekend until Sunday June 18th.  The show, in terms of the artists taking part, will be by invitation (artists who’s work we already know, artists who have worked with us at Cultivate before, taken part in previous shows and such), however it is essential that Cultivate is open to new artists to artists we haven’t met or worked with yet and so Interact will be “open” in terms of a small and limited open call, we are looking for five artists to join us

Interact will feature around 25 artists, of the 25 we will include five selected via an open call process. The call will be for London-based artists who are able to be there to install on Thursday Morning (June 15th) and who are able to remove their art and help clear up at the close of the show at 6pm on Sunday June 18th (we say just London because this is a short run show and really we don’t think artists from out of town should go to all the expense of traveling in and bringing their art, when we have a longer show then we will invite you all)   .  The show is called Interact for whatever reason you wish it to be called Interact – the process of looking at art, of interacting, inviting people to look, to interact, open doors and invitations rather then locked doors and the whiff of exclusion, “a better Woolworths” as it were.


Coate Studios, a place to interact in,

The Interact show will be a short one, thus we invite London-based artists only, when next we have a longer show we shall throw it open to all, open beyond the tube map.  The Interact call is open to painters, sculptors, installation artists, print makers and onyone who thinks their art might excite us enough to want to include it in the group show.  There is no charge or fee to submit, the call will be open until midnight and May 10th, we will inform everyone in terms of who we have or haven’t selcted by May 15th, we will ask the five artists selected via the open call to contribute to the costs (of venue hire and such) along with the rest of us, each invited artist will be contributiong £30 to the costs of the show and the venue rent.

Please send up to three j,pegs of your art along with a link to your website to info @ and please mark your e.mail Interact Open Call.  The open call will close at Midnight May 10th.          

SOMETHING BLUE, The call for the third in a trilogy of on-line open-call exhibitions will be along soon, watch this space….