Open calls

This page tells you about any open calls we might be currently running and also informs you of our policy regarding open calls. Please do read everything here, it hopefully makes it all clear and reading it all now should hopefully save your time (and ours).


The next group show with an open call element is an on-line group Exhibition that opens on November 15th 2022 called Mixtape No.2. The show will run along the same lines as the previous on-line show Mixtape No.1. There’s a little more about the thinking behind the name of this new series of shows here

Deadline for submissions to Mixtape No.2 is end of day Sunday 6th November, the show will open on Tuesday November 15th 2022

The details for the Mixtape No.2 open call are down there, please do go down the page and read it ALL properly, I know this is long but it will save us all time. Before we say anything else, let us say, no one should ever have to pay to submit their art to an open call (we don’t hold with that “admin cost” bulshit galleries try to pass on to us artists)

MIxtape No.2 will be another carefully curated artist-led online group show brought to you once more by Cultivate. Once again most of the artists will be directly invited but the open call element and hearing from artists we don’t know yet (or haven’t worked with for a bit) is very  important. We’d like to hear from pro-active committed artists from all over the land and indeed the globe. You might like to note 24 of the artists in January’s show Deflect came via the open call. We are very picky, our door is open though, new artistic blood is important. Mixtape No.2 will be the 26th online exhibition from Cultivate and we think, if we’ve counted it right, the 182nd Cultivate artexhibition or event in all.

Please read all of this, we know how long it is but it will save us all time. You’d be amazed at how many people don’t bother reading these things and just send us tedious photographs of red telephone boxes taken on their phone or pieces of digital/video art when we’ve clearly said that’s not what we want and then they get all hissy pissy with us when we say no. We may invite a digital artist or a photographer we already know now and again, but we REALLY don’t want submissions from photographers or video/digital artists.

Mixtape No.2 will open online at 7pm on Tuesday November 15th, hosted once again on the Organ magazine website at  We will once again be personally inviting the majority of the artists, but as always the flow of artistic new blood is very important. There is an open call aspect, and we would like to have at least a dozen artists we don’t actually know yet, we also welcome those who have shown with us before to submit again. Please do check out one of the the recent previous online shows here on the Organ website to get a flavour of what we do and what we’re looking for, one of the most recent online show with an open call element was Mixtape No.1, do please have a look to get an idea

Theme? There is no theme for Mixtape No.2, we just want exciting engaging art that works in terms of an on-line group show.

Once again, as with the previous online shows, we are looking for exciting painters, installation artists, 3D artists, in fact Mixtape No.2 is open to artists of all disciplines besides photography or digital/video art (nothing against either discipline and there are plenty of online outlets for both. The one thing we really don’t want is a flat lifeless image of a painting, have a look at one of the last shows, go grab a flavour and a feel, make your image feel like a piece of art hanging on a gallery wall.  We had a lot of what you might call polite illustration last time, please do check out some of the recent online shows such as Alright? or Recultivate, polite illustration is not really what we’re about. And and and, this is important, the images do have to work in terms of an on-line exhibition, badly taken shots of an instillation or your painting will not work for us however good the actual art is. 

If you wish to be considered for Mixtape No.2 then simply submit no more than five images  with titles and a link to your artist website. The minimum requirement for this online show is that you have a working, well maintained up-to-date artist website that we can link to so people can find out more about you – a working website mind you, not just a Facebook page or an instagram account that full of photos from your last birthday party or what your cat had for dinner today or heaven forbid one of those dreadful Saatchi pages, (an Instagram page that is mostly focused on your art or a Facebook Artist page is more than fine).

The call is open to anyone from anywhere on the planet. There are no fees or costs involved, we’re not paying anything in terms of gallery rents and such for this one so why would we even dream of charging our fellow artists just to open an email and host something on our website? Some galleries or curators or indeed some of our fellow artists might think the practice of charging a fee is okay and exploiting artists like that is fine but we detest the practice.  Sure, there’s a fair bit of our time involved but hey, we really really (really) don’t like galleries who charge for just opening an email and then claim it to be admin costs, why should anyone ever pay to submit to a show they’re might not even get to take part in?  All we ask from you, and this is an important bit, is that if you are selected or invited that you put up links and proactively share details on your own websites and properly on your social media feeds, a little more than just a waste of time 24 hour “story” in Instagram. We expect you to post news and links properly (frankly if you don’t share the link and carry the news on your art pages then you won’t be asked back, I think that’s fair, we will check and if you didn’t bother last time then why should we ask you back when you submit again this time? We have said no to returnimg artists who couldn’t be bothered to share, we do check when as artist makes a second submission having been in a previous show)

If you wish to submit to Mixtape No.2 then please do. Once you do we promise to get back as soon as we can, usually within four or five working days (probably faster, although sometimes we need tO wait and see where the show is going and if you fit). We will with a yes or no, if it is a yes we’ll come back and ask for all the details we need) if it is a no then we will try and take the time to tell you why, as artists ourselves there’s nothing we hate more than a rude cut ‘n paste cold-hearted rejection.

Deadline is end of day Sunday 6th November. Don’t be leaving it until the last minute though, you have more chance if you don’t leave it to the very last minute and the rush from everyone else. We have put this call up a good few weeks ahead of the deadline, hopefully that gives you plenty of time to react.

Once again the show is being curated by the Cultivate team of Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey. We are first and foremost working artists. We opened Cultivate because we really didn’t like the often very cynical way most galleries were treating us artists, we like to be treated the way you as artists expect to be treated. Cultivate is an artist-led thing, please leave any art school attitudes outside the front door. We are very much about letting people in but we are very very picky, if we say no, we will politely tell you why rather than just send you a standard rejection. If we say no, it is mostly a reflection of our personal tastes – first, above all else, we need to feel what you do is right for this group show and that being part of the show is right for both you and us, some art really works in an online context, some art simply doesn’t…

One more thing, we have noticed some people have a habit of submitting the same art as the art we rejected last time, please don’t.  There’s one guy who submits the same painting to every call we ever put up here, we keep telling him why we’re saying no, we’ll probably just hit the decline button for him this time, there are only so many hours in the day. Do please look at the previous shows, it will save us all lots of time.

Thanks for reading all this, we look forward to hearing from you. sorry if some of it sounds heavy handed, we’re just trying to explain things…

Submissions via e.mail to info at cultivategallery dot com and clearly marked MIXTAPE No.2 OPEN CALL  in the subject line please

Deadline for Submssions for Mixtape no.2 is end of day Sunday 6th November. There is no theme to Mixtape No.2, please do explore Mixtape No.1, it will be like Mixtape No.1, do ask questions if in doubt.

Big thanks  Sean/Emma, Cultivate

The policy on open calls:  We like open call shows, the kind that don’t require you to have to pay a fee just to submit an e.mail of course, open calls are something we are very keen on at Cultivate. Of course it was easy to run open call shows regularly when we had a permanent home, our current nomadic lifestyle doesn’t really lend itself to the notion of open calls so well. Do watch this space though, we will have open call gallery shows happening (there have been several physical shows with open call elements already this year), there will be opens calls from time to time and we do appreciate how important both group shows and open calls are, we like open calls and group shows.

And remember, any open call that asks you to pay JUST to submit and e.mail is really something of a cynical con designed to exploit young artists who don’t know the score, these shows are almost certainly going to be a waste of your time and money, they’re enrally badly run by cynical people more interested in your money than your art, don’t be suckered in to paying just to submit an e.mail, follow that link you just passed for lots more thought on the subject

For the sake of clarity: We STRONGLY object to open calls that demand a fee just to submit an e.mail image to a selection process. As artists we strongly vocally object to being charged just to take part in an often dubious on-line selection process and here at Cultivate we will NEVER demand a submission fee from an artist just to send in an e.mail in the hope of maybe being selected.  The practice is cynical, it exploits artists and it is simply wrong.  When we do put on group shows we will sometimes ask artists who are ACTUALLY TAKING PART to contribute a reasonable share to the costs, to help contribute to the rent/space hire expenses and such, only those who are invited to ACTUALLY TAKE PART though, and NEVER the many who don’t make it past the submission process.  We will not work with galleries or artists who are involved in running these cynical pay just to submit open calls and we believe all artists should voice a loud vocal no to anyone who does wish to charge a cynical submission fee just to be part of a selection process. If as an artist you knowingly work with these galleries then we don’t want to work with you.

RESPONSE POLICY:   Policy when we do have an open call is to set a deadline and stick to it. We encourage people to not wait until the last minute and we do like to respond as soon as we can so artists know their submission has reached us. We will say yes or no as soon as we can rather than make people wait. Generally if we haven’t replies with a a yes or no within a week of you submitting work then we haven’t received it.  Some of our open calls can result in hundreds and hundreds of responses, we don’t like to let it all build up and then have an impossible task once the deadline has passed. if you do it early you stand more chance and we get more time to consider what the work submitted as well as explore your websites and such (we always do that, indeed we’ve often found something more suitable on a website or thought about people for alternative shows)

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