Open calls

Open Calls – the kind that don’t require you have to pay a fee just to submit an e.mail of course – are something we are very keen on at Cultivate. Of course it was easy to run open call shows regularly when we had a permanent home, our current nomadic lifestyle doesn’t really lend itself to the notion of open calls so well. Do watch this space though, we will have open call gallery shows happening from time to time and we do appreciate how important both group shows and open calls are.  And remember, any open call that asks you to pay just to submit and e.mail is really something of a cynical con designed to exploit young artists who don’t know the score, these shows are almost certainly going to be a waste of your time and money, don’t be suckered in to paying just to submit an e.mail, follow that link you just passed for lots more thought on the subject

For the sake of clarity: We STRONGLY object to open calls/competitions that demand a fee just to submit an e.mail image to a selection process, as artists we strongly vocally object to being changed just to take part in an often dubious on-line selection process and here at Cultivate we will NEVER demand a submission fee just to send in an e.mail in the hope of being selected.  The practice is cynical, it exploits artists and it is simply wrong.  We we do put on group shows we will sometimes ask artists who are ACTUALLY TAKING PART to contribute a reasonable share to the costs, to rent/space hire expenses and such, only those who are invited to ACTUALLY TAKING PART though, and NEVER the many who don’t make it past the submission process.  We will not work with galleries or artists who are involved in running this cynical open calls and we believe all artists should voice a loud vocal no to anyone who does wish to charge a cynical submission fee..

We’ll be along with the next physical gallery open call in a moment or two, we’re working on a few things behind the scenes right now, meanwhile time to follow the rather successful Red show Something Black…


SOMETHING BLACK, DEADLINE APRIL 20th 2017 – details further down…


RED: was an experiment we tried out at the end of February 2017, an on-line exhibition that went live via the Cultivate and Organ websites at 6pm on 27th February 2017. By 11am the next day we were coming up to just short of 5000 hits on the pages, views from all over the world. 24 artists and 68 images, go have a look and see what it was all about.  The notion of an on-line art exhibition with a formal opening time

The idea of formal on-line exhibitions running next to our more tradition physical gallery shows appears to work . “This time we Cultivate on line, sometimes we do it in formal galleries, or in warehouses or at dog shows or under railway bridges or in car parks at the seaside, this time we do it online. A group show featuring the art of 20 (or maybe more, wwe shall see how it flows) selected artists, selected via an on-line open call. Red goes live at 6pm (UK time) on Monday 27th February at and

The day after the Red show went live we said “and so Red launched yesterday, it partly revisited previous red flavours and the first Cultivate open call in Vyner Street, the morning after the night before we’re feeling rather positive about it, I’ll write about it all in a bit.  And we’ll do it all all again and revisit another Cultivate show and do it all on-line, this time something black…”


SOMETHING BLACK will once again be an on-line exhibition. SOMETHING BLACK will feature the work of at least 20 selected artists. Submissions are being accepted now.

The show will once again go live on line on the Organ website and on the Cultivate website at 6p, on APRIL 24th and will run until the world ends (or we do). The work needs to be of a BLACK nature, the colour will once again unite the show, please go have a look at the RED show to get a flavour….

There is no charge to submit a piece, some galleries will tell you it cost them lots of money to open an e.mail so they have  to charge, we all know that’s a load of rather cynical rubbish on the part of the galleries who do this. There will be no charge in anyway in terms of taking part, all we ask you to do is to post links and do a little bit of sharing on your own websites and social media feeds once the on-line show has gone live  We’ll select (at least) the 20 most exciting artists or pieces of work and post it all along with those all important links to the artist’s website so people can contact you.

You can submit up to three images of your work, all disciplines are acceptable (no photography though, sorry) but please make it VERY CLEAR  what we are looking at please (are you submitting an image of a painting? A print, a piece of digital art a piece of sculpture). We need to know medium, size, and we need a link to your website (your website or a Facebook page, not one of those damn Saatchi type on-line shops please). We’ll respond within five days to all submissions.. Let’s keep it simple and easy, nothing more annoying than e.mail tennis and having to ask the obvious)

SUBMISSIONS via e.mail to info @   Please mark the subject line “Something Black Submission”  We will respond within five days, if you don’t hear from us within five days of your submission then it hasn’t reached us.


These things are only as good as you artists make them. Same as everything we do via Cultivate really. Thank you  (SW)


Marnie Scarlet at Black, Cultivate 2012