NEXT ARTIST CALL – YOU! YOUR GALLERY NEED YOU! Plus a bit of Spring, Snow, Red, Latex and…

Red exclamation layer..

Red exclamation layer..

WHAT HAPPENED TO SPRING?  So we battled through the very unfriendly Spring weather, the snow and the freezing cold, we extended the Spring show by a week so things could bud a little more (and moved the next Ten show to next month to accommodate an extra week of the Spring show), the weather gods did not smile though, snow, rain, ice-cold wind – the Spring is a State of Mind mantra was repeated (and repeated)

“Well we’re up and open, little bit of horizontal snow coming in through the open door doesn’t stop us, Spring is still a state of mind, that what I told myself as I battled in through the East London sludge. Let’s see what kind of crazed axe murdering types take themselves out to an art gallery on a day like today. So far we’ve had four people in, in the first 45 minutes, one complaining the other galleries weren’t open, one accusing me of ripping off David Hockney, don’t see it myself, but he did seem a little crazy and rather adamant, he’s the second person to bring up Mr Hockney in terms of one of my spray paint covered pieces this week – really don’t see it. Third person was a sweet old cockney lady who said, go home dear, you’re mad ro be open today. So spring is still a state of mind, no one going mad here, where’s my paint? Where’s the gallery kettle gone, that damn band upstairs have stolen it, pass my axe, what do the daffodils think and when did Hockney last tag one of his canvas piece with a leaf-shaped dash of high-grade Montana Gold?” So read the Saturday morning Facebook entry.

a_satsnow3Actually, Saturday was a rather busy day, Saturday down Vyner Street usually are, the snow didn’t entirely deter people’s art exploration down the street on Saturday

  • The big Rasta man in his giant Rasta hat went past, he old ever puts his head in the door and gives a clenched fist salute while he shouts “Cultivate!” today he said,” what are you doing Cultivate, go home” Saturday at 12:41 · Like · 4
  • Sean Worrall He never comes in, just shouts “Cultivate” in a big booming Jamacan voice

Saturday was the first wave of art tourists with their (hopelessly confusing and mostly very inaccurate) First Thursday maps and art gallery guides – the weather wasn’t going to stop them. We had American tourists on Saturday, we had art collectors from Belgium, people from Brazil (who revealed via photos on their phone that they already had four of my paintings of their wall, that was kind of warming on a very cold day).  Saturday was actually a good day despite the weather, the cold and everything else, Saturday was a good Spring day at Cultivate (okay, so Sunday was just too unbearably cold and this weather really is making the always tough matter of financial survival even tougher than usual)  but the extra week of the Spring show did feel definitely positive and once again we thank all the artists for taking part, the daffodils for opening, the First Thursday crowds, and everyone who came to the opening, everyone who came along during the three week run of the show


Pleased to say Michelle Mildenhall will be joining us with two pieces of her art for the Red show later this week….

Michelle Mildenhall is a UK based latex artist. She creates unique and dramatic art combining striking imagery with her passion for latex in a new and innovative way.

Having trained in the area of textiles and surface pattern and having had a fetish for latex for many years, she had the idea of combining the two to create something truly unique in both the art and fetish world.

Cultivate_redrevised“The idea came in a flash of inspiration while I was working on a latex outfit for myself. Visually it’s such a beautiful material it really deserves to be looked at and admired”

Every art work is designed and individually crafted by Michelle using high quality latex. Her  work is available as signed originals and limited edition prints will be available soon. She takes on commissions and provides a highly individual portrait service working closely with her clients to create something that both client and artist can feel passionate about. 

Michelle has carved a unique niche with her art which not only appeals to art lovers but to a new audience of latex lovers as well as the more serious latex connoisseurs bringing the material firmly out of the fashion/fetish industry and into interiors/art spaces.

The majority of her work can be viewed on her website and updates can be found on her Facebook page.

More details of the RED REVISED show here, we open on Thursday evening, wrap up, wear red, bring red wine, paint the town red….



Coming up on Thursday 18th April until April 30th, we have a group show called YOU!

YOU! – YOUR GALLERY NEEDS YOU!  –  Once again we open our door and invite exciting painters, print makers, contemporary artists, street artists, small scale sculptors, small scale contemporary street artists, maybe one or two challenging photographers, we invite artists of all kinds to interpret that title in any way they wish and submit work that will excite us and or visitors…

YOU? What’s that about? You, the show is about you. Most of our group shows have a subject, this time the call is completely open and all up to YOU to excite us enough to want your work in the show, to want to share you work with people…SUBMIT WHATEVER YOU WANT.

We’re thinking a packed show alive and busy, white walls  alive with art, saloon style busy energy. We want people to come through our door and feel excitement all around them, to want to explore YOU.

DATES The show will open on Thursday evening 18th April, show will run until April 30th. Usual gallery opening times.

For more information on how to submit and such, please contact


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