spring_opening56CULTIVATE  NEWSLETTER…  MARCH  13th 2013


An update from the Spring infested, daffodil-filled middle of Vyner Street, East London . a place where it never snows and the days are always warm….

Big big thanks too everyone who came along to the opening and indeed the first week of our SPRING group show. We’re feeling rather good about our green and yellow paint and flower filled space right now/ Spring is a state of mind, a positive one, and right now Cultivate is full of Spring colour, come have a taste, we thing the show is rather diverse and, well, we’re  full of the joys …

spring_opening60You can find a Spring press release, details of artists involved and such here

And some thoughts from us on March First Thursday down the street here

The SPRING show carries on this Thursday and on through the weekend, the daffodils are opening up, we have a gallery full of refreshing (affordable) art (and there’s some beautiful shows going on in the galleries and such around us in Vyner Street right now as well)  Usual gallery opening times, whatever the weather….


cultivate_ten_2webWe have another of our TEN shows coming up later this month, full details to me announced on the website, blog and Facebook page this Friday. Then things turn red for our RED REVISED show and a neat book-ending of our (first?) eighteen month stay in the street.  There’s a RED REVISED press release here

ARTIST CALLS, WANT TO GET INVOLVED? If you’re an artist and you want to get involved in Red (or Ten), then head here, don’t take too long though, the shows are filling up

NEXT?  RED REVISED will  mark a year and a half of non-stop exhibitions, 20 First Thursdays in a row and some 57 shows, events and such at Cultivate.  Eighteen pretty full on 24/7 months, eighteen time-eating, penniless, glorious, always busy, no rime to eat, sleep (or paint) months of art, creativity, fun and constantly fighting to pay the rent and keep it all going on our terms.

Cultivate_redrevisedEmma and I set up the space as an artist-run alternative the money-sucking closed-door London gallery system that really doesn’t treat us working artists that well. We’ve loved (nearly) every (sometimes very frustrating) minute of it.  And now we have to decide if we carry on beyond April and Red Revised.  We only ever intended this to be for six months, it has now been eighteen. When we set up Cultivate, we hoped a collective of committed artists would emerge and move forward together, a real working collective of pro-active let’s-do-it artists, that hasn’t really happened and eighteen months of pulling together shows, looking after shows, e.mailing about shows, drilling holes to hang shows and I’m burnt out.   We’ve addressed this before, we’ve asked why artists in London, on the whole, don’t seem to want to really get involved, don’t seem to want artist run spaces , we’ve asked why you artists are happy to pay outrageous fees to agents, here today gone tomorrow art fairs and such.  We have some thinking to do and some decisions to make.  With all this is mind, we welcome your thoughts, and we shall address things next week Question for you, if we were to call a meeting of artists and address thoughts of a working artists collective with a home in the middle of what is still one of London’s most exciting art streets, would you be interested?  Where do we go with our Cultivating?

Watch this space….  Get involved… Meanwhile, please do come see the Spring show, we’d like to share it with you .

SEAN, EMMA, we are the team really… thanks

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