a bun fight of a can fight and



Even by the non-stop roller-coaster crashing ride that has been Cultivate over the last thirteen full on months, this week has been busy. October First Thursday and the throbbing crowd of colour that that always brings through our always open front door was augmented by a bun fight of a can fight and the MYDOG SIGHS following wanting to be in the gallery early. Got to the gallery at 11am last Thursday to start hanging a show that we planned to open at 6pm, to find people already in line so that they could get first choice on the art on offer in the IN RUST WE TRUST show. We had a manic three days.  I’ll blog about it all properly later but for now all you really need to know is I’m about to rush out of the house, no time for breakfast, to open the gallery for a Sunday shift..

MYDOG SIGHS - Large Clown can

MYDOG SIGHS – Large Clown can

The news for the many people asking, is yes, we still have some Mydog Sighs work on sale, no, all twenty of the small framed cans sold within fifteen minutes of us opening, there are two of the bigger framed can left, there’s a photo album on the gallery Facebook page for you to view all UNSOLD MYDOG SIGHS work, all work is on sale in the gallery today.  Yes,you can now buy  through mail order using Paypal,  Just e.mail me via info@cultivatevynerstreet.com, tell me which piece you are interested in, they’re all numbered in the description, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Cultivate is open from 11.30am until 6pm today, Sunday.  More news on this page later…

Personally, I thinking this small piece from LOS DAVE is one of the most beautiful things in the four person show… right, then off to open, see you later, rust never sleeps…

LOS DAVE - "CTRL Z" canvas

LOS DAVE – “CTRL Z” canvas








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