painting the walls, eating the art, fighting off the lizards, dealing with the rust, the drips



Time we turned this blog thing in to a bit more of a Cultivate news page as well, right now we’re busy with the end of what I’d like ot think has been a very successful Shoes show and the threatened scrum that is the opening of the IN RUST WE TRUST Show and My Dog Sighs devour, tomorrow night…

Getting lots of e.mail and phone calls about the IN RUST WE TRUST show and people wanting to by art but not being able to make the show, so….

For the many people asking about previews and advance sales on the Mydog Sighs, M-one, Los Dave. Hayley Kendal, In Rust We Trust show, there will be no pre show photos and no advanced orders (we won’t get to see the work to photograph it until Thursday when it all arrives). All work will be on sale on the opening night of October 4th at the gallery from 6pm, photos will go on line on the Cultivate Facebook page sometime after the opening night has closed, very late on Thursday night or early Friday morning I imagine, and then, yes, it will all be available in terms of sales via the mail/Paypal and such from Friday 5th onwards (I suspect if you really want the best pick of the 20 MyDog cans in the show, you need to get to the gallery on Thursday evening).  keep watching the gallery website news pages or the gallery Facebook page for news

I do keep starting new “blog” entries and then never finishing them, Cultivate does not allow for the finishing of things like blogs or paintings or meals or conversations or decent sleep, this is not meant as a complaint or a moan or anything more than an observation and I’ll sleep when this is over, fifty four solid non-stop weeks of Cultivate now, I hadn’t quite imagined it would be such a full on full time twenty four seven commitment and that there wouldn’t be any other realistic option other than to be so full on in terms of keeping it all alive. Well fifty six non-stop weeks now, or is it fifty seven? Never time to write blog bites as well as run the time-eating clock-chewing monster as well as find the time to paint and not find my time churned up chasing artists to deliver and then collect their work or to get their information to us or   , why do so many artists just abandon work? They make such a big fuss about it then they simply can’t be bothered to pick it up?  Enough of exasperating mystery of artists who don’t want their art, we’ll have a big giveaway or a bonfire or recycling or painting of new layers when we leave the street…. and that’s as far as that one went, the non-stop thing that is Cultivate, looking after shows, putting on  shows, hanging shows, doing the publicity on shows, painting the walls, eating the art, fighting off the lizards,  dealing with the rust, the drips, the leafgrowth…

“Are you a contemporary art gallery? Are you a street art gallery? What are you? We can’t work out which section to put you in?” Said the rather frustrated man from the art listing magazine

We’re just an art gallery, why does everything need to be neatly labeled? An ever  evolving art space, look through the door, you always find it interesting but you’ll never quite know what the the show will be flavoured with next week….   And now I must go take down the Shoes and make way for the rust

Rush rush rush, from now on we promise almost daily news updates…..



One thought on “painting the walls, eating the art, fighting off the lizards, dealing with the rust, the drips

  1. got people e.mailing and calling and asking if they need to get on guest list to get in to the Mydog Sighs and friends IN RUST WE TRUST show tomorrow at Cultivate tomorrow night, the answer is no, we’re open to everyone from 6pm onwards, no names on lists or any of that stuff….

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