PRESS RELEASE: RED REVISED – a group show at Cultivate, Vyner Street…

Cultivate_redrevisedPRESS RELEASE: RED REVISED – a group show at Cultivate, Vyner Street…  28th March – 9th April

RED REVISED – Eighteen months on from the original takeover of our corner space, smack bang in the middle of Vyner Street and all that the street stands for, eighteen months on from the night of the naked red men, the rush to get the door open and then our first formal group show, a show we called Red in honour of those naked honey-covered red men…

Eighteen months on we shall revisit the red theme. and in doing so, exam what was originally only going to be a six month artist-run exploration of things from a gallery-person’s point of view via the full time running of a gallery space right in the centre of things.

redmaninvynerstreetRED REVISED, our 57th Cultivate event, bookends eighteen months (one more year than expected) in our Vyner Street space rather nicely/ Red Revised will be our 20th First Thursday event in a row.

RED REVISED will be a two week group show. For a second time we will fill our walls and plinths with art of a predominantly red nature, a diverse show and a space united in redness.

RED REVISED will open on the evening of Thursday March 28th – 6pm until 9pm, this is not a private view, Cultivate is open to all, no need to get on guest lists or RSVP or anything like that, just come along.  There will be a second late night evening opening for April First Thursday (4th April), when we shall join the dozen or so other gallery spaces and such  who will be open down Vyner Street that evening.

RED REVISED will run from MARCH 28th until APRIL 9th.  Usual gallery open times during the day (11.30am – 6pm Thursday to Sunday or by appointment, Monday – Wednesday).

Once again we invite artists who wish to get involved to make contact for more details via the email address the gallery website –

More details? Get in touch via our contact page

Sean Worrall

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