Today at the art chute, the sun shined, leaves grew, the bunting was up….

Today at the art chute (Sean)

Today at the art chute (Sean)

Today, Saturday 15th Feb, and another day spent at the art chute that is Cultivate. The spring sunshine threatened to shine, people came down the street to explore (just like they do most Saturdays. sunshine or not and today, as it was my turn in the space, fresh leaves grew on old layers – old canvas pieces revisited during another day working (and looking after things) at Cultivate Evolved. The theory is that one of eight resident artists of Cultivate Evolved take turns to use the space that we all exhibit at, as a creative space as well as a static art gallery. So people come in and explore the art on the walls and the same time one of us is in there  making art, creating art, if we want to that is. Today it was me tending to the leaf growth, yesterday it was Gareth Morgan, we’re not sure what Gareth was doing, something secretively triangular we suspect, on Thursday Julia Maddison was putting the bunting up, “Shall we?”.  The other day Katrine Storebo was painting her water colours and framing them with junk shop frames, who knows what will be painted or grown or printed or stitched tomorrow… art is alive at the art chute that  evolved (Sean)    .

Thumbnails of things recently made, painted, printed at the art chute that is Cultivate Evolved, click on the images to have a closer look….


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