The (Accidental) Marks Made While Making Art, an open call…

We have some exciting things going on right now, we’ll keep it all under our hats for the time being, we’re rather excited about where it all goes next in terms of Cultivate. For now a slightly different open call…



The (Accidental) Marks Made While Making Art will be another cultivated on-line art show, following on from Red, Black and Blue shows/experiments. The accidental marks made while making art are always intriguing, the floors of artist’s studios, their boots or dresses or shirts, the outside wall that a canvas might have been propped against while it was being painted on. This open call is for photographs of your studio floors, your paint covered boots, your colour encrusted easels, your old paint brushes, painting tables, painting marks, all the marks you make while making art. We DON’T want photos or images of your actual art, we want the accidental marks made as a result of making your art, the stain on your studio floor, your photos of old brushes, the marks once the performance is over

The selected photographs of your marks will run in an online exhibition along with a link to your website and an introduction of no more than one hundred words. Please apply with a maximum of five photos. Deadline for submissions is midnight (UK time) Monday October 30th, the show will go live on the Cultivate website and via the Organ magazine website on Monday November 6th at 6pm UK time.

Submit your photo(s), a link to your website and a short one hundred word description of who you are, as well as clear information in terms of what we are actually looking at please. We will get back to you with a yes or no within one week of submission


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