A Cultivate Gallery update… The Intent… New shows… Open calls… Accidental Marks… Big thanks…

We did a mailout a couple of days ago, if you missed it then here’s what you missed (if you’re not on the mailing list then you can sign up for it here).  Here’s the mailout you might have read already or might not have read because you’re not on the mailing


95: Sean Worrall, the marks left after painting outside Cultivate (2013)

The (Accidental) Marks Made While Making Art group show went live on line earlier in November via both the Organ magazine website and the Cultivate web pages, if you haven’t checked it out yet then can we please recommend you do, we’re rather pleased with both the show and the reaction to it. We’re rather pleased with the way people have interacted with all four of this year’s on-line experiments, the Red, Black and Blue on-line shows/experiments have all gone rather well, the intent is for more in 2018.


133: Alicia Paz – those accidental marks…

The (Accidental) Marks show can be viewed in full here via this link. So far in November almost 20,000 people from all over the globe have visited the Marks show.  The intent is to carry on with the experiments next year and to expand on them, the first experiment of the new year will be a show in two parts, a show that will happen both on-line and in a more traditional format on the walls of a physical gallery..

New shows then – Intent (part one) will open on line on Tuesday January 16th, Intent (part two) will open at Dalston’s BSMT Space (here in London) on Thursday January 18th. Both will be carefully curated group shows brought to you by Cultivate, both shows will be full of intent and alive with exciting art, Two shows at the same time, or maybe one show in two parts in two places. Expect some artists you already know, some that none of us have come across yet, we’re working on the shows now…


Open calls are an important part of what we do at Cultivate, Vital that new artistic blood flows, that new artists join in alongside familiar names, Cultivate is about open doors, engagement, involvement.  Both Intent (part one), and Intent (part two) will have open call elements to them, You can find full open call details via the Cultivate website.  We’re gathering together the art and inviting the artists right now.

What else? Well like we said last time we have some exciting things going on right now, we’re still keeping most of it under our hats for the time being, we are rather excited though, We’re rather excited about where it all goes next,  Today’s mail out is mainly to plant those seeds of intent in your minds and to alert those of you who are artists that there are open calls alive waiting for you via the Cultivate website right now.

And while we’re here, are you checking out the busy pages of Organ magazine? There’s arts coverage, exhibition reviews, artist interviews and features going up every day. Have you seen our Chisenhale Studios open day feature or the recent coverage of shows at BSMT Space or Hang Up or Studio 1.1 or Modern Art or the Frieze features or the reports from the the Folkestone Triennial or the regular features on upcoming art shows from other galleries…  Do please feel free to contact us via Organ if you think there’s something we should be covering that you are involved in…,


Once again a big big thanks for your interest and support in terms of the ever evolving thing that is Cultivate. Big thanks everyone! And no, we;re not going to ram Christmas or Black Friday or Cyber Monday or give us your money Tuesday down your throat but may we politely point out that original pieces of very affordable art do make for far far better gifts than some heartless piece of mass produced tat from an uncaring chain store. There’s new pieces of art being added to the Cultivate on-line shop all the time, please do support your local artists this Christmas rather then the shareholders of some big chainstore Don’t buy crap this Christmas, original one-off pieces of art surely means so much more to everyone.. .

Big thanks, art excites..
Sean, Emma, Cultivate



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