Intent: the state of mind with which an act is done


Intent – :the state of mind with which an act is done.

Intent – a cultivated art show in two parts.

intent – ɪnˈtɛnt/ – noun : intent; intention or purpose. synonyms: aim, purpose, intention, objective, object, goal, target, end;
design, plan, scheme; resolve, resolution, determination; wish, desire, ambition, idea, dream, aspiration, hope

adjective: intent – determined to do (something).. Giving all your attention to something: an intent stare – She had an intent look on her face.

The Intent is for an art show to happen in two parts in two places, the Intent is to have an art show in two parts with both parts happening at the same time Intent (part one) will follow our rather successful on-line group show experiments of 2017 and will happen via the Cultivate website as well as the ever busy Organ website. Intent (part two) will happen physically via the gallery walls and floors down in that underground basement gallery known as BSMT Space (over on the borders of Hackney in Dalston, London N16).

The intent then is for Cultivate to curate a show in two parts, a show called Intent. Intent will happen in January 2018, one carefully curated art show happening in two parts in two places via two different formats. Intent (part one) will open on-line at 6pm on Tuesday January 16th, Intent (part two) will open at 6pm on Thursday January 18th at BSMT Space Intent (part one) will be an open call show, Intent (part two) will be via invitation and a very limited open call

OPEN CALL – Intent (part one)

Intent (part one) is to be another carefully curated on-line open call group show from Cultivate. Intent (part one) will open on-line via both the Cultivate gallery website as well as the ever busy Organ magazine website at 6pm on Tuesday January 16th 2018. The show will be the fifth of Cultivate’s open call on-line groups shows and will follow on from 2017’s rather successful Red, Black, Blue and Accidental Marks shows. The fourth show, the recent (Accidental) Marks Made While Making Art show opened on November 6th 1017, it was visited by just over 15,000 viewers (from all over the world) in the first two weeks, all four of the 2017 on-line shows are still up on line (there’s no intention to close them, why should there be?) all four exhibitions continue to be viewed daily.

We invite artists to submit good quality images of their work to the Intent (part one) open call. Intent (part one) will feature carefully selected images of contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographs of installation pieces and whatever you think the show should feature (come on excite us, make us want to include your art). We do not want digital art, we do not want photography or video stills, nothing against art in any of those forms, just not what we want for this particular show at this particular time). We’re looking for exciting cutting edge art, we’re not going to set a theme, the show in called intent, make of that what you will. We don’t really want what you would consider “traditional” art, polite landscapes or watercolour studies of flowers have their place.but that place isn’t in this show.

Artists are invited to submit up to four images of pieces. We also require you to have a working website that we can link to (if you don’t have anything other then an instagram feed or a Facebook page that is focused on your art then that will be sufficient, a “proper” working up-to-date website would be best though, and not one of those dreadful Saatchi pages please). Please include a statement of no more that one hundred words telling us about your art and who you are (this will go on-line as part of the notes that will go with the show), please also tell us where you are from and where you are currently based, and if it isn’t obvious please tell us what we are looking at, what the media is and what the size of the piece is. Hint, an actual photograph of a painting hanging on a wall with a sense of it being an actual painting rather than just a flat image makes for something far more exciting in terms of an on-line exhibition)

The deadline for this open call is midnight (UK time) January 4th. We will respond to everyone as soon as possible, the deadline is merely the last day that art can be submitted, the selection process will start right now and will be on-going throughout the rest of the year and up until January 4th and we will be responding before that final closing date if we have made a decision on your submission. We are expecting a lot of submissions so please do be patient and please do be reasonable. The selection is made here, the decision is final, (the rules are made by us) and although we do try to respond to everyone personally please do respect the time it takes and please don’t start yelling and firing off irate e.mails and complaints if we say no to your art in terms of this show. I know rejection is an awful thing but it really is only in terms of this particular show (we have rejected people in the past but then got back to them later in terms of other shows..)

Policy here is to NEVER charge artists a fee just to submit an e.mail and an image to an open call, we strongly object to that practice (in fact we campaign against it here at Cultivate). There will be no charge to submit work, there will be no charge to those actually selected to take part in this on-line show, but we do expect those of you who are selected to help publicise the show, to share links and details of the show on your websites and via your social media feeds, we expect participating artists to put some effort in to letting people know about the show, nothing worse than an artist who can’t be bothered or who maybe thinks it to be beneath them. Cultivate is about us artists doing it ourselves, about doing things a slightly different way, Cultivate is about the trying to treat artists in the way we want to be treated as artists ourselves. Now over to you, come on, excite us with your submissions and your intent….

If you are sending in a submission then send it to the main Cultivate e.mail address info at cultivategallery dot com and keep your files and attachments to a sensible size, make sure ALL the require information is included and PLEASE MARK YOUR SUBMISSIONS “INTENT PART 1 in the headline. 


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