Catch Cultivate at Hackney City Farm on Saturday December 9th…

We shall be taking a small Cultivate stall along to Hackney City Farm’s Christmas Fair on Saturday December 9th, expect a selection of very affordable pieces of art. And may we politely point out (again) that original pieces of very affordable art do make for far far better gifts than some heartless piece of mass produced tat from an uncaring chain store, please do support your local artists (and indeed your urban farms) this Christmas rather then the shareholders of some big chainstore.
This year we have chosen to take a Cultivate stall to Hackney Farm and to join in with the farm’s Christmas event. I imagine there might be one or two pieces made specially for the day I imagine there might well be a new 43 pieced piece just for the day, 43 paintings and recycled cardboard for sale at £1 each, I imagine that might well happen. The Facebook event page for Hackney City Farm‘s event is here.
It has always been important to us that we at Cultivate actively take part as artists and as a gallery (both during our time spent in Vyner Street and in our current nomadic form) that we take an active involvement in the local community, if you ever catch us acting like one of those unfriendly closed-door-ring-the-bell type galleries do yell at us for it. We love getting involved in these things. The dog shows last year were great fun, we’re looking forward to hanging out with the Chickens, the donkeys and the farm cat on Saturday December 9th, do come say hello.

The Cultivate stall at the Act Car Boot Fair earlier this year



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