The intent is to kick off 2018 with Intent, the call for both shows is still open…


The farm was fun, that one end of year thing will do for us, art is for life, not just for Christmas. We don’t really do black Fridays, Christmas fairs, mince pies and flogging art to death on line like it means little more than a Christmas cracker and a bit of old tinsel. I do believe there might be some ponies along later just because they say something positive and if you must consume this Christmas then do buy original art and not any old mass-produced crap.

The intent then is to kick off 2018 with both of the Intent shows, a gathering together of some exciting artists, some familiar to Cultivate regulars, some artists who haven’t worked with is before. A gathering together for January, some early intent and some more cross-pollination. We’re busy selecting the artists and the art now, the call for both shows is still open, you have the details here on these pages, or alternatively you can submit work via the very easy to use Curator Space website….



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