The (Accidental) Marks Made While making Art show will open on Monday evening…


The (accidental) marks Ben Fenton makes while making art…

The artists have been selected, the many (many submissions have all trawled through, the (accidental) marks explored and enjoyed, some artists studios visited, photographs taken, people chased up, thanks everyone (well almost everyone).  The show will open on-line both here via the Cultivate website and via our sister website that is Organ magazine next Monday.


The (accidental marks made by My Dog Sighs)

Expect the show to open at 6pm on Monday November 6th, expect the accidental marks made by something like sixty or so artists, expect artists from near and far, come back here on Monday evening, or when ever you have a moment, once the show is up it will stay in place, no need for it to close. We’ve really enjoyed pulling this one together,, those marks excite us. Art excites…..


One thought on “The (Accidental) Marks Made While making Art show will open on Monday evening…

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