And so, a January sale at Cultivate, 20% off everything until the 43rd day of the year…

And so, a January sale at Cultivate – In line with the ideas of the Cheap Art Manifesto and the notions of art for all, that and the fact that art on your walls is good for your soul and January is far too dark and depressing and an original piece of art solves everything, we are offering a wholesome 20% off everything in the Cultivate shop until the 43rd day of the year. Just head to the Cultivate on-line shop, choose an already very reasonably priced piece of art and then when you go through the checkout process input the discount code, LM43MN and then hit the the ‘ + ‘ symbol next to the box after you have entered the code. Thank you. The link to the shop is here


That rather beautiful Twinkle Troughton oil painting down there sold via Cultivate this week, actually it sold right at the end of the Attract show but you never quite know until the piece has been paid for and collected (it has been now). Really liked those four paintings of Twinkle’s, it is easy for smaller work to be lost in all the noise and colour of a busy group show, they did get a lot of positive reaction though, we’re pleased that people were really looking and pleased to have sold one of them. It hopefully goes without saying that if you did spot anything at a show or in the photos from a show that we’re happy to put you in touch with the artist or sell it to you and ship it to you wherever you may be in the world . Buying art and having it on your wall is good for your soul (and even artists have to eat), yeah I know, I already said that once. If you’re looking for something and you can’t find it in the shop then please do ask, we might have it here or we might be able to put you in touch with the right artist.


Cultivate presents Attract, a group show at BSMT Space, London N16, January 2019 – Twinkle Troughton


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