The Cultivate on-line shop has been restocked…

The Cultivate on-line shop has been restocked yet again, the shop is being constantly re-stocked, (of course viewing art on line (or indeed buying art on-line) is never the same as viewing it in the flesh, but collecting art and enjoying it in your own space and in your own time can be a pleasure. The Cultivate shop is restocked all the time, mostly with smaller affordable pieces, if you are looking for bigger pieces or indeed any of the work from the artists we regularly work with please do ask. The link will take you to the shop, I expect quite a few of the pieces currently on sale will be gone after next Sunday’s Art Car Boot Fair (June 12th, Brick Lane, East London), that will of course make room for more (if you prefer, we do make some of the art available via ebay as well). If you do with to know more than please do ask, is where you find us (and yes are can be viewed of collected by arrangement here in East London).


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