The Cultivate Spring Art Mart and a nine day solo thorny thing…

cultivate_Thorns_april2016This week the now nomadic artist-run maximalist gallery thing that is Cultivate will head back to the Fount space and that beautiful railway arch by London Fields, Hackney, London E8…

On Tuesday morning, April 12th, a solo show of recent paintings from Sean Worrall called Sometimes They Have Thorns will open. The solo show will run for nine days with a late night viewing on Thursday evening, April 14th at 6pm until 9pm, all are welcome. The show will be open 11am until 6pm from April 12th until Wednesday April 20th

Sean will present a series of recent paintings, a series that started at the Reveal show and formed a big part of his #43 show that happened on the 43rd day of the year with that one day show on the street under a railway bridge, the series that continued at the recent Debaser show over at BSMTSpace and will continue once more with new work for this nine day solo show in the railway arch at Fount.

The gallery walls will be alive with thorny growth, leaves on canvas (although some see other things and talk of leafhearts and such). Expect thorns, pruning of growth, gardening, painting on canvas, on found things and for the last time this year the bigger canvas paintings will be on sale at no more than £43 each (there will also be smaller pieces painted on found recycled vinyl or pieces of reclaimed wood, expect work priced as low as £5).

The show will evolve through the nine days with Sean (and others) working at the space (or outside the space) during the period.

And as is tradition now with Sean’s solo shows, there will be a guest wall of artists invited to take part and make use of one wall in the space (Cultivate is about getting art and artists out there, artists coming together and doing it ourselves)


And while Sometimes They Have Thorns is going on inside under the arch, outside in the yard we shall have an art mart, a small art fair….
Cultiartmart_april2016THE CULTIVATE SPRING ART MART: On the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 16th/17th April, Cultivate will present an outdoor market/art fair in the yard of Fount, (with gazebos, tables, paintings, prints, stalls and such), East London Prints will also be there over the weekend with their extensive collection of affordable prints. London-based artists, if you want to get involved in the weekend, do please get in touch for more details, space is limited but there may still be time…
Fount is under the railway, inside (and outside) an arch, right by London Fields, Netil Market and everything that goes on at Broadway Market at the weekend. You have art, food, drink, vintage treasure and entertainment everywhere….

The FOUNT space can be found under the railway arch at Westgate Street, London Fields, Hackney, London, E8 3RN

These days Cultivate is nomadic, Vyner Street is over now and we’re doing different things in different places.  In the next few months you can expect Cultivate events to happen on a boat on the Regent’s canal, in  amongst the glorious colour of a tailor’s shop in East London, in an open-air square at the foot of Tower Bridge, and just maybe in a conventional art gallery or two as well, oh and back at the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair on Sunday June 12th, always one of our favourite days of the year  Cultivate will be five this year, five years of doing it our way, thanks for being part of it….

Keep up-to-date with Cultivate on line via

THANKS ONCE MORE, Team Cultivate


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