Time to herd art again, new shows, open calls, hats, squares, Nothing is Square, one more month-long Columbia Road Takeover this March..


Time to herd art again, we hadn’t intended doing anything for a while in terms of Cultivate, we intended focusing on our own work and our own paintings for the early part of 2020 and maybe put our Cultivate hats back on sometime in the summer. however, when we heard that beautiful old shop space on Shipton Street was closing in terms of being an art gallery at the end of March we had to change plans and take the space on for just one more month of shows down by the flower market.

Cultivate Columbia Road Takeover number four, a month of shows at Shipton Street Gallery, Columbia Road, East London, March, first show, the first of three shows during March, Nothing Is Square Pt.2 opens Thursday 27th February

Nothing is Square Pt.2 will take exactly the same format as Pt.1 did back in November, we had always intended that Nothing is Square should be an ongoing occasional series of shows happening in a number of space and places when the the right spaces and places came along. I rather enjoyed part one, I enjoyed inviting artists, I enjoyed hanging it, think it worked as one whole thing, I like the conversations the paintings ans pieces had with each other, I liked the way people reacted to the show, it was always something that needed to be repeated at least two or three times


Nothing is Square Pt.1, November 2019

And yes there will be an open call element to the show, it will be mostly about inviting artists who’s work we already know and who get what we’re about at Cultivate, but new blood is always very very important to us, so it would be good to have at least two or three artists who we have yet to meet, Every piece of art on the walls of the gallery will be exactly same size once more, this is the strict rule, nothing besides 20cm x 20cm x 1cm canvas, nothing is ever square of course, but we are very very insistent in terms of the size and the square, you can see the photos of the first show, you can see how it works, regimented lines of square, no rules in terms of what’s on those squares of canvas, if you’ve been invited then you do what you want within the boundaries of your square. If you’re an artists who thinks they should be considered for the show, either an artists who hasn’t worked with us for a bit or an artists who has never taken part in one of our shows then do get in touch, drop us an e.mail via info at cultivategallery dot com and we shall send you some details of it all… I’ll put more on our Open call page in a moment,

Nothing is Square will open on the evening of Thursday February 27th at 6pm, and run over two long weekends until Sunday March 8th (my birthday actually) , we’ll then hang a second show and open it on Thursday March 12th, more about that in a bit, we only just put our Cultivate thinking hats on, let’s get the first show in motion. . .



Nothing is Square Pt.1, November 2019



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