Some thoughts on the Nothing is Square opening and What Would Joan Jett Do show, as well as a bit of My Dog Sighs from last Thursday down Columbia Road…


I think it would be reasonable to say that the Nothing Is Square opening last Thursday evening, the second part of the latest month-ling Cultivate Columbia Road take over. went rather well. You can find quite a few words and a bag load of photos from both that show and the Chips, Starz, What Would Joan Jett Do? show that happened in the same gallery the week before. Rather that repeat things here we’ll post the link so you can go explore it all while we get on with organising more…

ORGAN THING: A busy East London Thursday, packed out at Nothing is Square, My Dog Sighs gets very busy at Nelly Duff and what did Joan Jett do anyway?





Emma Harvey – What Would Joan Jett Do?


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