One more weekend of Square, and then Insert (Title Here) opens on Thursday…


Cultivate presents Insert (Title Here) – Opening night Thursday March 12th, 6pm until 9pm. 

Everyone welcome, none of that get on a list or give us all your details annoyance, none of that jumping through hoops just to get in nonsense. Entry is free, just turn up, bring some drink if you wish, come look at some art, come meet people, come hang out and enjoy yourself…


Yulia Robinson at Cultivate, November 2019

Where were we? Halfway through three shows and the fourth and almost certainly final month-long Cultivate Columbia Road takeover, Shipton Street Gallery closes for at least a year and probably forever once we finish our Cultivate residency in March. We already have our strictly regimented grid-like very square opening two week group show in place, Nothing is Square pt2 opens on Feb 27th and runs until Sunday March 8th.  We shall then change everything over and open a second group show called Insert (Title Here) on Thursday March 12th


John Gathercole

Insert (Title Here) will bring together six artists, mostly painters, although we have already handed over the plinths to self-declared “Artist, taxidermist, antiques collector and fetishist” Mia Jane Harris. The walls will mostly be about paintings, Cultivate founders Emma Harvey and Sean Worrall will be joined by the painterly colour of Yulia Robinson, a painter we’re rather excited about at the moment, she’ll be following up her Cultivate solo show from late last year, we shall have the intrigue of John Gathercole – John Gathercole has been working professionally for many years, selling and showing internationally, including both Tate Modern and Britain. Painting is his first love but initially found success as the founder of the Kreative Union of Neo-aesthetic Terrorists, (the K.U.N.T ists, a play on the German word for art). An anti aesthetic anti art punk collective that lampooned the art world. and we shall also be joined by Martin Jackson (rather than his alter-ego Mr Von Hugo) and his rather stylish silver floral odes to Columbia Road (as featured on the show poster).

Cultivate presents Insert (Title Here) – Opening night Thursday March 12th, 6pm until 9pm.  Shipton Street Gallery, Shipton Street, Columbia Raod, London, E2 5RZ.



Nothing is Square Pt.2, Cultivate at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2 – the art, March 2020 – Emma Harvey


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