Where were we? Halfway through putting together three shows and preparing for…

54_ sp_columbiard_pt4_2

54: SUZIE PINDAR – The Door Has Opened (marker pen on book page) A shot from one of the recent Cultivate Columbia Road shows

Where were we? Halfway through putting together three shows and preparing for the fourth and almost certainly final month-long Cultivate Columbia Road takeover, Shipton Street Gallery closes for at least a year and probably forever once we finish our Cultivate residency in March. We already have our strictly regimented grid-like very square opening two week group show in place, Nothing is Square pt2 opens on Feb 27th and runs until Sunday March 8th. We shall then change everything over and open a second group show called Insert (Title Here) on Thursday March 12th


I saw it First, I want It Worse, Columbia Road, September 2018 – Sean Worrall

Insert (Title Here) will bring together a small group of artists, nearly all painters, although we have already handed over the plinths to self-declared “Artist, taxidermist, antiques collector and fetishist” Mia Jane Harris. The walls of the gallery will be about painters and paint and brush marks and paintings, Emma Harvey and myself, Sean Worrall, will be inviting four painters to come and join us on the wall of the one time Greengrocers shop that is currently an an art gallery just off the Columbia Road here in East London.


90: SEAN WORRALL – “Eleven” installation at Unframed, acrylic on found wood (2018)

Insert (Title Here) will be out last but one show in the space before it evolves and stops being the beautiful art gallery it is right now, Insert (Title Here) will open on Thursday March 12th and run until Sunday March 22nd . Six painters, we Cultivate founders Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey, will select and invite four painters to join us on the walls and Mia on the plinths.


And then, to end the fourth and probably final Cultivate Columbia Road Takeover we shall have one more show, one final week, one last weekend with an opening on Thursday March 26th and running through the weekend before the space we’ve rather enjoyed over the last couple of years ceases to be a gallery, maybe forever, maybe for the just a year – what we do know is this is probably the last time we shall put on shows in the space (we do believe an antique furniture dealer is taking over the space in April for at least a year). .. One last long weekend and a third show that we shall pull together over several pints in the next few days…

And yes, you’re right, we haven’t put an on-line show together for some time  either, I feel one coming in, I think t might be called 43 painters and I rather thing in might feature 43 painters or paintings we rather like….




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