The full line up of artists for the Nothing is Square Pt.2 group show is now confirmed…

The full line up of artists for Nothing is Square Pt.2 is now confirmed. We’re rather excited to have 37 artists taking part and we expect to have around 130 identically sized pieces of art, all on canvas, all 20cm x 20cm, all hung is a very regimental manner on the three walls of the East London gallery. We have a very carefully selected group of artists, some of them familiar to Cultivate regulars, some of them new names, a healthy cross section of styles and attitudes and a show hopefully as united as the first Square show was by the strict demands in terms of size. We’re rather pleased to have so many exciting new names in this show, as we keep saying, new blood in important. We are very picky about our shows and who gets to be part of the shows but it is very important that new names and new blood flows though. We’ll be back over the next few days with more details about all the artists taking part in Nothing Is Square Pt.2 as well as more details in terms of the other two shows that will make up this final month-long Cultivate takeover of the gallery on Shipton Street down by Columbia Road. For now here’s the names in the square on the red poster and here’s a link to the Facebook event page.


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