ARTIST CALL: PRIMARIES… it really is all very simple

We have another artist call, this one is for the open group show at Cultivate. The call seems pretty straight forward to us, but this one seems to be confusing rather a lot of people.  We’re getting a lot of submissions that feature all three primary colours within the same single piece pf work….. No!  All very simple, WE WANT WORK DOMINATED BY JUST ONE PRIMARY COLOUR, Either red, blue or yellow….just one, not all three



PRIMARIES @ CULTIVATE VYNER STREET, a two week group show…..

INITIAL ARTIST INVITE/INFO; Coming up First Thursday November 1st and running until the 13th November, we have a two week group show called PRIMARIES. Once again we invite submissions from artists who wish to be involved.

Artists are invited to submit work of a predominantly blue, red or yellow nature, we will be filling three walls with work, one wall for each colour. We’re mostly looking for painters, contemporary artists, street artists, pop artists, contemporary pop artists, people who don’t fit, we welcome other medium, photography that stands out, 3d work, whatever you have… The subject matter up to you, nothing bigger than 100cm x 100cm…. if we like what you submit you’ll be invited to take part, all very simple, a piece of art dominated by ONE of the three primary colours

JU;IE CAVES - yellow

JU;IE CAVES – yellow

The show opens on Thursday November 22nd and runs, at Cultivate, until Tuesday 4th December .   Late night opening on Thursday 22nd, then usual gallery opening hours of 11.30am until 6pm Thursday to Sunday (by appointment on Mon, Tues and Wednesday). Cultivate is right in the middle of one of  London’s most important art streets. The photos of the gallery on the Facebook page will give you and idea of how we hang the shows and how busy everything gets links on the gallery website.

Artists, painters, photographers, print makers who wish to get involved should make contact via for full details



PRIMARIES @ Cultivate, November 2012

PRIMARIES @ Cultivate, November 2012

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