The celebration of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS or the DAY OF THE DEAD at Cultivate.

What are we doing today? Have some of then THEM WOLVES while we consider it. while we consider the day (and the weekend) of our celebration of the celebration of DIA DE LOS MUERTOS or the DAY OF THE DEAD at Cultivate. I can just put a link or two to some decent music here now and again can’t I?   A touch of Organ grinding as it were…



The Day of The Dead at Cultivate and frankly we have no idea what will happen or who will turn up.  Told you about how it all came about and the zombie checkpoints and all that already, forget that, that’s last week’s news, this week’s news come wrapped in bunches of plastic marigolds.  Actually we do have an idea, in our heads the celebration will be alive with colour, with art, alive with Mexican flavours, with traditional Day of The Dead imagery interpreted by invited artists such as CARRIE REICHARDT, TONY LEE, EMMA HARVEY, JULIETA HERNANDEZ ADAME, SEAN WORRALL, ROBERT FORD and well, we’ll see who else turns  up, artists are being invited and others encourage to get in touch – not everything has to be carefully planned to the last inch of controlled detail, art events can be spontaneous can’t they?  The invites are out, artists are out gathering colour and we look forward to a long weekend of celebration and colour on our corner…

We’re not trying to recreate an accurate authentic reconstruction of a Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, we’re just celebrating the celebration in our on cross-pollinating way.  Artists who wish to join in should make  contact via the gallery website

there is absolutely no reason for the Bridewell Taxis to be here

And before the Day of the Dead show and First Thursday and all that, there’s a cull and Cultivate is taken over by a group or artists called YOU BLEW IT UP, and two artists called Eliot Jones and Samuel Dillon, for a week-long event/exhibition/installation called OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE AVAILABLE: THE CULL.  Here’s what they say about it…

The phenomenon of the facebook cull, is now part of a modern lexicon of language, a product of the way in which online social networks preserve relationships that would have otherwise unconsciously disappeared because of distance or neglect. The online social network presents us with brand new choices, the choice to befriend, to preserve, or to unfriend. It is this element of new choice that is the root of a new social etiquette; the ‘facebook friendship’

‘the cull” by artists Eliot Jones and Samuel Dillon will present several visualisations of online social space generated by data obtained from the online platform, Facebook. Using Dillon’s social network as a data set; compiling and categorising information that was publicly shared by his ‘facebook friends’, this series of works will explore the changing physicality of a social network through the categorisation and documentation of an online action; a public facebook cull.

OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE AVAILABLE: THE CULL opens at Cultivate on the evening of Thursday 25th October and then runs at the gallery, usual opening hours through the weekend until October 31st.

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