Coming up in December at Cultivate…


We’re heading toward that dangerous time again, that time where galleries fill up with tinsel and mulled wine, and as Malcolm McLaren once almost certainly said, “why the hell not?”

From First Thursday 6th of December, until close of play 5pm on 23rd December, we will be holding an AFFORDABLE ART EVENT called ART IS FOR LIFE: NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS (The Return)

The event will also double as a Cultivate gallery fundraiser and aid our on-going battle to pay the rent and keep an artist run space open in the middle of Vyner Street.  20% of all money from sales will go to Cultivate, the rest to the artist who’s work you hopefully come along and buy as Christmas gifts, but hey, remember, art is for life, not just Christmas, And as someone else if the street said last year, “don’t buy crap this Christmas, buy art”.

We’ll have (mostly) smaller pieces pf art on our walls, priced from as little as £5 to no more than £500.  Of course this won’t all be about buying and selling, once again this is first and foremost a gallery exhibition with a salon style hang of carefully selected art for you to just come along and enjoy.  No Christmas art, just art that you might like to give at Christmas, just some carefully selected art and artists you might like to spend time in our gallery exploring…. We expect the show and the art on the walls to be constantly changing throughout the month…

We open on First Thursday December 6th with a second late night Christmas on Vyner Street event on the 13th and the weekend afterwards. Expect other one-off events during December… But do remember art is for life, not just for Christmas, a  painting is a commitment, it needs proper light and regular dusting, it need lifetime of considered attention…

Artists who wish to get involved should contact us at Cultivate for more details – Cultivate is all about getting involved (we are picky about the art on the walls though, it has to be right)



Malcolm McLaren yesterday, all that scratching is making me itch (well it was to early to post up The Greedies….  )  Check out that line, that’s freehand painting for you

A quick (wiki) history lesson for those not around at the time “In 1983, McLaren released Duck Rock, an album that, in collaboration with producer and co-writer Trevor Horn and The World’s Famous Supreme Team (a duo of Hip-Hop radio disc jockeys from New York City – See Divine, The Mastermind and Just Allah, The Superstar – who then hosted a prominent Hip-Hop/classic R&B show on WHBI 105.9 FM and who were also among the first DJs to introduce the art of scratching to the world), mixed up influences from Africa and the Americas, including hip-hop. The album proved to be highly influential in bringing hip-hop to a wider audience in the UK. Two of the singles from the album (“Buffalo Gals” and “Double Dutch“) became top-10 hits in the UK, with “Buffalo Gals” a minor hit in some major cities in the U.S. Duck Rock features clips of “The World’s Famous Supreme Team Show” throughout the course of the album between songs, as well special vocal appearances from the duo themselves”.



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