Those of you who are on the gallery mailing list will have just got this first mailout of the year, here it comes in extended colourful blog form as well…

CULTIVATE, VYNER STREET, NEWSLETTER No25   8th January…  Morning people, hope you’re well, first (rushed) gallery newsletter of the year, trying to keep this newsletters brief and to the point, seems you don’t like too many words in your inbox or on your mobile xbox tablet iPhone thing…

OFF WITH A BANG! -Big thanks to everyone who came to the opening of Bang! The show is place for the next two weeks down Vyner Street, there’s photos on the gallery Facebook page and links to all the artists on the gallery website. We left it to the artists to decide what Bang! Was/is about, some saw it as hitting the new year running, others thought guns, personally I think an exclamation mark is as good a way as any to start the year…. Bang photos

PurpleAnyway, our first show of the year is up on our walls right now, will be for the next two weeks, usual gallery opening hours…  big thanks to all who joined in the December Art is For Life, we’re just about surviving and keeping it all going, big thanks to all….


We’re working on a number of shows at the moment, BLACK, SPRING, YEASTIE GIRLS, artists who wish to get involved should check the blog and this page – we have lots coming up for you to get involved in

Lot of things happening down Vyner Street right now, not only at Cultivate, several new galleries and art spaces getting ready to open, new art café and more…. Actually for those of you who missed Bang and can’t get along during the day, we’ll be open late on Thursday night to tie in with the House of Vostrovska opening next door that evening – More VYNER STREET ART NEWS here


The next formal FREE ART FRIDAY at Cultivate will happen in February 15th.. come leave art or come get some free art…

And some of you have been asking about gallery hire or putting on your own events, yes, the space can be hired and yes we’re always open to ideas….As always big thanks for your interest and support, if you have any questions or want to know about any of the Cultivate artists then please please do ask… our door and our inbox are both always open… Didn’t really keep that short did I? Sorry, we’re always too busy…

Big big thanks, Sean, Emma, Cultivate….








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