Busy times at Cultivate, BANG! kicked us off in January, the BACK IN BLACK group show opened last Thursday evening to a more than healthy crowd and a very pleasing response  Good to see so many people over the weekend as well, art is waking up, green shoots of spring in the air, Back in Black goes in to a second week this week, 23 artists on our busy walls, we open late this coming First Thursday, and for the rest of the week

Now some galleries like to keep the same show in place for months, hardly ever open, keep their doors closed when they are actually “open”, only open for the “private view”  and drink with their art-student friends  “Well it is all about the private view isn’t it” said an artist curating a rather halfhearted group show in the gallery over the road that hardly opened for the rest of the week, that’s not how it rolls at Cultivate. we NEED to keep open, we need to INTERACT with people, we need to fill the place with ENERGY, we like busy walls, busy shows, ever evolving event, it may upset some of chin-stroking art snobs out there, but that’s the way we like it on our corner…

And so we have three shows still to come in February and once again you are invited to come join in (we are picky though. you are has to be right for the show and the space).


TEN  – 14th – 20th  February

TEN – one busy week at Cultivate, TEN artists, inTENsity, everything up to TEN…..

On 15th February we host a much anticipated International Free Art Friday event on the street and the outside walls of Cultivate, we expect lots of people and lots of attention on that Friday and the weekend that follows – lots of people, lots of art, lots of media attention and lots of artists from all over the world participating and leaving art outside our door and along our street….

Meanwhile inside the gallery, what are we going to put on the walls for that week?  We need something exciting, we need TEN exciting artists…

TEN – We’re going to divide our walls in to TEN areas (with black tape) and invite TEN artists to take one area each Each wall section will be 1 metre wide and 2.9 metres high (there will be blank space each side of the one metre so artists can use all their space) Artists can do what they want with space, fill it with one big canvas or piece, fill it will lots of small affordable pieces of work, install something, take it in a minimal direction and make a bold statement with one piece in the space… Want to be one of the Ten? Get in touch….


No need to submit work for this one, just bring along your art on the day or mail it in time for the event, here’s how it works…

Time for another Free Art Friday on our corner of the street, coming up on Friday 15th Feb, we have another of our Free Art days. We’ve been holding them since our art space opened. artists have informally been leaving free art outside, or indeed inside the gallery on most Fridays. Now and again we like to get a little more formal about it and issue an invitation and publicise things a little. This time we’re throwing out the invite a little further than usual, throwing it out to the ever growing international Free Art movement and inviting artists from all over the world to either bring their free art to Cultivate in person or to mail it in for us to put outside (or inside if the weather isn’t good) on the day.

From Midday until 6pm on Friday February 15th, artists are invited to come down to the gallery and leave art outside. People are invited to come along and take part and quite take the art that has been left. The only thing we ask is that people respect this and only take one piece each. Some of the art will be right outside, some might hidden around the street (if the weather isn’t friendly then you’ll find it inside Cultivate). Any art left when we close at 6pm will be taken in and then left out again over the weekend.

Artists can bring art down to the gallery on the Friday during the event (or on the Thursday before and leave it with us, no art will be put out on the street until Friday afternoon) Artists who don’t live close enough can mail in art to us,

You can just send in art, you can come along and leave it on the day, you can send it in or drop anonymously, no need to apply, submit or anything else beforehand/ We will be listing names and adding links ahead of time for those who wished to listed as taking part, contact us if you want to be listed, just turn up on the day if you prefer… The event will be filmed, photographed and documented. For more information and full details please contact


‘That girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighborhood. I got news for you, she is!’ (Bikini Kill ‘Rebel Girl’)

The YEASTIE GIRLS show re-visits the ethos of ‘Riot Grrrl’ – the underground feminist punk rock movement that took place in early nineties west coast America.

The show aims to bring together today’s riot grrrl inspired creativity; art, music, writing, zines……. Is riot grrrl still relevant 20 years on? Are women now more empowered and supportive of one another?

The 90s riot grrrl movement allowed women their own creative space to make political statements about the issues they were facing in the male oriented punk rock community, as well as in society; to express
their views on issues such as rape, domestic abuse, sexuality, and female empowerment. As Tobi Vail (drummer with Bikini Kill) said, the purpose of the Riot Grrrls was to fight against the things that kept women divided, to start a discourse and to give importance to women and the things that they do.

So, has anything changed in the last 20s years? What issues should we be addressing now? Can we still make our voices heard? What form does Riot Grrrl creativity take in 2013?

We will be inviting artists to take part, but would love to hear from ARTISTS, MUSICIANS, ZINE MAKERS, ART COLLECTIVES etc. who want to get involved; please CONTACT US with your ideas. All ideas are welcomed…….and no, you don’t have to be female, it’s open to everyone

“We’re not anti-boy, we’re pro-girl” (Molly Neuman, Bratmobile)

For more info or to get involved contact Emma at Cultivate via the usual e.mail address info at com

SPRING – March First Thursday group show – March 7th  – 20th @ CULTIVATE VYNER STREET –  Coming up on Thursday 7th March until March 20th and including March First Thursday evening (7th March), we have a group show called SPRING.

We invite painters, print makers, contemporary artists, street artists, small scale sculptors, small scale contemporary street artists and such to interpret that title in any way they wish.  Once again the title of the show, Spring, is deliberately vague and open to your interpretation, imagination. We’re thinking the fresh shoots of spring, lush painted canvas, greenness, ripeness, freshness, leaves, buds, flowers, life, green green green, fresh fresh, new threads, throbs, fresh work.. come show us what you’re thinking

The show will open on Thursday evening 7th March, that’s March First Thursday (and everything that First Thursday involves on Vyner Street, London E2). The show will run for two weeks

FOR MORE INFORMATION and submission details on any of these shows, please contact




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