That thing in the sky is called the sun, we have some almost decent weather! And so, for those who didn’t make it to last Thursday’s very busy YEASTIE GIRLS opening, or for those who didn’t brave last weekend’s unfriendly weather, we shall enjoy an extra evening opening tonight, 6pm until at least 8pm (got a couple of requests to open and there’s a show opening tonight in the gallery right over the road from us – Hornsey Remix show over the road on the two floors of the Vyner Street Gallery complex – so why not?

cultivate_ten_2webSo if you want to see the Yeastie Girls show tonight, Wednesday, we’re open for a bit, bring your own beer/wine, we’re all out. The exhibition carries on tomorrow and over the weekend, usual gallery hours (whatever the weather) ….

And while we’re here, once again today, someone came over and asked if we think that ALAS thing is worth the time and money. They were exploring down the street, looking for the dubious man’s still advertised space.  And yes indeed, we see the dubious bus-riding man from the corner is still advertising his latest artist-exploiting scheme  as happening in his never open Vyner Street gallery space over there in the street. We’re forever meeting artists who have been fooled in to coming down to talk to the man in the corner, door is always locked though, met two woman who had come all the way from Birmingham the other day only to find the door locked and the post piled outside, the place has been locked up for months.  Word on the actual street is the dubious man has been thrown out of his subsidised “not-for-profit” space and his Arts Council funded scheme is not happening at that space, whatever his website might still say.  yes, I know, i should just shut up and get on with painting or  something, really do detest the way artists are treated (or let themselves be treated) by these dubious people, really wish artists would wise up a little. It really does piss me off!



Be smart about art, do it yourselves, start your own artist-run galleries, find your own spaces, form your own collectives, create your own media… a proper artist led art society as it were, why are you artists lining the pockets of those out to make money out of us artists?

So we did a big mail out to our mailing list last night, I know some of you would prefer to just get the newsletters here in the blog so,  here’s what went out to the mailing list yesterday, .


Another Cultivate gallery update, hey we’re busy down Vyner Street, we make no apology for another outburst of news so soon after the last one, busy times in East London, …

We’re half way through the YEASTIE GIRLS show, our Riot Grrl inspired questioning of the movement’s relevance twenty years on from the original explosion of energy. Thirty or so artists sharing the walls, the temporary notice boards, the ceiling, the zine table and more…  The very busy Yeastie Girls show goes on through this weekend, you can catch it at Cultivate until next Tuesday (usual gallery opening times) before things change and we attempt to urge at outburst of season change with our two week SPRING show… Yeastie Girl curator Emma Harvey will be in the gallery all weekend if you fancy a chat. Lots of art, books, zines and more to explore (or even buy)


SPRING is almost here

The two week SPRING show opens on First Thursday  SPRING is a simply-titled two week open call group show beginning on the evening of First Thursday 7th March and running through until 19th March. Once again the title of the show is vague and open to the interpretation and imagination of the artists submitting work. We’re thinking the fresh shoots of spring, lush painted canvas, greenness, ripeness, freshness, leaves, buds, flowers, life, green green green, fresh fresh, new threads, throbs.. The invite has gone out, the show is almost  full, we’re excited…. Come and see jhow the artists reacted to the call  .


redmaninvynerstreetARTIST CALLS – And for you artists on this mailing lists we have two new shows that we have artist calls for, TEN : 2, the follow up to the recent TEN show, we think Ten worked rather well in terms of artists getting a small body of work out there, so time to select another ten…  RED REVISED is a red flavoured group show, details of both these shows, as well as the last couple of spaces in the Spring show can be found here

GALLERY BLOG – We’re blogging about the gallery, the street  the artists and more as often as we can now, really not sure how much loner our artist-run space can survive, but while we’re in the street, we’re going to tell it how it is  You’ll also find our in house Organ blog where we write about music, art and more every day here

We’ll leave you in peace until the otherside of the Spring show now, big big thanks  to everyone who packed out the Yeastie Girls opening, come see the art and everything else in the relative peace and quite of the daytime, before it closes, I think we can say Emma pull together a very exciting show… Actually we’ll be open this Wednesday evening, 6pm until 8pm if you want a look (there’s an opening over the road  from us at the Vyner Street Gallery, so we’re open for a bit as well…otherwise usual gallery hours…

Damn, failed to keep it short again, always too busy to keep it short… Thanks, Sean

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