WHAT’S HAPPENING THIS WEEK? Paintings, guests, and getting ready for CAN?

cultivate_seanapril2013The second TEN show came down yesterday, and today we open a last minute week-long show of my paintings….

SEAN WORRALL and guests – PAINTINGS, a one week show at Cultivate, Vyner Street

Paintings on canvas, on wooden packing cases and broken table tops, on cardboard, on old pieces of wood and other found recycled things. A collection of exclamations, leafhearts, apples, flowers and….


The gallery is open, as usual, from  11.30am to 6pm, Thurs – Sun (or by appointment), I’ll probably be in there painting most of the time (or outside painting), just a low key on e week show before we take on the challenge that is the CAN? show

mariaandwilfredYesterday’s Facebook posting went something like this

All change again at Cultivate today, down comes the second TEN show and in comes some new layers, leaves and things exclaimed on for a week before we Can the Can Cultivate is open today, lots of art coming and going but we are very much open, the door is open, paint is flowing, and as always, everyone is welcome to come in, have a look, a chat, or a quiet explore…

I should tell you about last night, we were open for one last evening of Ten 2, various other galleries and such were open up and down the street – bit of a buzz on the street last night actually. Gallery up the road were having some kind of event, you couldn’t get in unless you had an invite, the kind of thing that really does put people off even going near art galleries – only the beautiful well dressed people can come in and all that. So this scruffy looking older guy comes to our door, plastic bag in hand, coat that has seen better days, upset that he’s come along to their event especially and they won’t let him in, politely asks if he can come have a look in here Turns out he’s a really interesting guy, really knows his art, really knows what’s going on, quite a serious collector, ended up with a really stimulating 45 minutes or so of conversation about Russia contemporary art, about Pure Evil’s work (seems he has a few pieces), thanks me for having an open door policy and ends up buying five pieces of work, which he leaves with in yet another carrier bag, this time full of packaged up art.  This gallery is open to everyone, not just the beautiful people on the invite list.

So we’re changing over the work on the walls today, but the door is still open and everyone is welcome….”  And that’s how it went on Facebook yesterday – really must start pulling away from the beat that is Facebook, they have a little too much control of our communication…

APRIL 24th, 2013 - Today's blank canvas, a strangely-shaped broken wooden table top that has already been handed painted. retrieved from a skip and.... Now with a layer of red growth and up on the gallery wall

SEAN WORRALL: – APRIL 24th, 2013 – Today’s blank canvas, a strangely-shaped broken wooden table top that has already been handed painted. retrieved from a skip and…. Now with a layer of red growth and up on the gallery wall


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