We have a policy of carefully curating and presenting an ever evolving series of themed group exhibitions at CULTIVATE. We like to keep our walls busy and our visitors curiously excited.

The idea with the group shows is to constantly unite a room and at the same time bring together a diverse set of artists; artists who otherwise might not get a chance to show their work together and indeed might otherwise not get a chance to exhibit in such a high-profile art-filled area like Vyner Street.

These group shows are all about cross-pollination, they’re about good looking shows, busy walls, they’re about introducing your art to people who might not know who you are or who might not have had a chance to experience your art in the flesh. We want people to come in and experience new art, fresh artists, exciting busy shows…

We currently have two calls for Artists:

Opening night: Thursday 1st August, 18:00 – 21:00
Then from: Friday 2nd – 13th August, 2013
A group show opening on First Thursday August 1st and running for two weeks.

An open call group show. Pop art flavours, street flavours, whatever you want to flavour us with, once again the the Cultivate door is open and the invite to come get involved is thrown out…

cultivate_popwillv2POP WILL EAT ITSELF – Pop Art? Street Art? Vyner Street pop street? Def Con One? Urban what? Give me spray paint, give me fries to go? Did pop eat itself? What is Pop Art now anyway? Pop who? Social what? Be the first to ‘like’ this, The independent Group? The Pop Group? We are all prostitutes. Pop art? Street Art? Pop Will Eat Who? Public Image Limited? Did you get what you wanted? Gallery Wall? Brick Wall? Building Site? Social Media Site? Instawhat? Terminator X. Going For The One, pop art, street art. what art? What yer got?

This space is about artists getting together, getting involved, and doing it ourselves…


We once again open our door and invite contemporary painters, illustrators, forward thinking street artists, exciting rule breakers, pop artists, pop drinkers, pop stars, pet shop boys, punk rock agitators, feminist street artists who hate the notions of art galleries, boys in pink dresses, small scale sculptors, print makers, girls in black boots, sticker artists, maybe one or two challenging photographers, we invite everyone who wants to get involved in an exciting vibrant busy two week show and an exercise in turning everything pop (whatever pop is).

For more info on Pop Will Eat Itself, contact and we’ll send you an e.mail with full submission details


Coming up on Thursday 15th August and running until August 27th, we have a group show called LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS. This is to be a two week long, summer benefit fundraiser to help keep all the Cultivation going and support the artist-run Vyner Street gallery space that is Cultivate.

We invite contemporary painters, print makers, street artists, traditional drawers, contemporary artists who occasionally paint on walls or tin cans, minimalists, maximalists, surrealists, photographers (not too many photographers, we get so many photographers every time we put out a call, if you really think you have something good then fire it at us), well framed collage, illustration, artists of all shapes and sizes to come join in (you know what we do at Cultivate, cross pollination, exciting shows alive with all kinds of art).

The show is open, there is no theme or subject and the only restriction, besides the fact that the art needs to excite us (has to be good enough to be on our walls and for us to feel good and want to tell people about it), the only rules are that the art has to be ‘little’ and the price reasonable.

We’re looking for work no bigger than A3 size (45cm x 30cm) plus frame. The work must be for sale at no more that £200.  It can be on sale for as low a price as you want, £200 is the top limit though. We want a gallery full of small pieces of exciting reasonably priced affordable exciting art.

For more info on Little Summer Benefits 2013, contact and we’ll send you an e.mail with full submission details


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