What is happening to Cultivate then? An art chute? Art is for life? Affordable art? Joining in?

shooes1What is happening to Cultivate then? What is happening with our space down Vyner Street? Well as we’ve already said, the gallery, as you know it right now,  is closing on December 8th, the artist-run gallery experiment has run its course now (see previous gallery blogs).  We are currently exploring what we can do with the space and the possibility of pulling together a small collective of pro-active artists to use the brilliantly positioned space as a creative art-chute of some kind – while at the same time frantically fundraising to catch up with the rent and such – so the people who came to the What Price Art show really did help, as did MyDog Sighs with the piece he has very generously donated to the cause. The eBay auction ended earlier this evening, big big thanks Mr Dog – one of the artists who I think we can say really has benefited from the space, wonderful to see him step up and appreciate it  

two1An art-chute then, a creative space, an open working studio space, where we can make art, where we can exhibit and sell art as we make it. A space where we can have the door open and interact with people, a space where a small collective can be permanently based. A creative space that is open to visitors rather than a formal art gallery with shows and openings and such.  We’ve done the non-stop artist calls and the group shows and such in the space now – done it without a break for over two years now. We want to do other things under the Cultivate umbrella in other places, or outside other places, or on-line or off-line or under line or over there – we always said we called the current space Cultivate, Vyner Street so we could move it and see it evolve and become Cultivate, Somewhere Else. Cultivate, in terms of this Vyner Street space, ends on December 8th and right now we are exploring the possibilities of using the beautiful corner as a creative art space, an art-chute, a base, a permanent home for a small pro-active collective group of artists – it would be a shame to completely vacate the space, this beautiful space smack bang in the middle of it all… Let’s see what happens, right now we hand back the keys on December 9th

culti_xmas2013_2Right now, we’re preparing for Thursday night’s opening and one last three-week-long open call group show, in the shape of our third (annual?) Art is For Life, Not Just For Christmas show – a show full different affordable flavours – pop art, street art, contemporary paintings, abstract art, prints, photography, a room full of hand-picked pieces, an evolving show that we expect to add fresh art and artist to as thing move through the three weeks. An affordable art show, come buy your Christmas presents from creative people who have poured their heart and soul in to creating something,A room full of small pieces of art, prices ranging from £1 to £400

Artists who wish to join in this evolving show (that takes us through December First Thursday and on until December 8th) should get in touch for details, if your art excites us and it fits in (and we have the space) then come join in…  

CULTIVATE - We Are All Skateboarders opening night (Aug 1st 2013)

CULTIVATE – We Are All Skateboarders opening night (Aug 1st 2013)

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