Vyner Street and First Thursday, for all its faults, still excites us…. bring on Thursday…


Vyner Street...

Vyner Street…

Well First Thursday week and everything that First Thursday brings, is upon us once more. And as we’ve said before, do like the buzz that flows up and down the street as everyone gets ready – new shows installed, art (and alcohol) being delivered, frantic hangs and excited artists (if you can’t get excited about people taking their time to come to see your art then…)   We’re busy with the climax of the third )and almost) annual ART IS FOR LIFE, NOT JUST CHRISTMAS show at Cultivate, Vyner Street. (and indeed the climax of the whole Cultivate thing as we evolve the space or just maybe lock the doors forever – kind of all depends on you artists really).

culti_xmas2013_2First Thursday then, well there’s new shows and such opening up and down the street this Thursday evening, just as there always is on a First Thursday evening – most of it, as usual, NOT listed on the ever annoyingly frustrating official Time Out Whitechapel Gallery First Thursday events page. This time down Vyner Street, you’ll find new things happening at Hada Contemporary, where the always impressive Korean gallery have a group show called Homo Utopicus opening – mostly paintings I do believe, I expect good things. Wayward Gallery have some kind of zine launch going on (Wayward’s website is as vague as ever, but they said they had a zine launch happening), things happening at Vyner Studio, both galleries that make up the Vyner Street Gallery complex directly over the street from us, the various refurbished LimeWharf space(s), Wilkinson‘s extended Derek Jarman show is stlll on and, as always, there is certain to be other things in other spaces, other shows that pop up without warning in and around the street as well, never quite know until they open up and happen…
Two at Cultivate - a previous First Thursday

Two at Cultivate – a previous First Thursday

This will be the 27th. or is it 28? Lost count now, been a long unbroken run whatever the number is, the 27th or 28th and last First Thursday for Cultivate – we’re busy evolving and re-inventing the space right now, as those of you who have been following the Cultivate blogs and Facebook pages will know. Notions of new ways of using the gallery – ideas of  art chutes and working spaces as Vyner Street continues to evolve as a creative working art street (lot of potentially exciting things look like they might be happening down Vyner Street in 2014….
October First Thursday...

October First Thursday…

Of course, as we keep saying, the best time to really explore Vyner Street and all the gallery spaces is over the weekend after a First Thursday when the spaces are all open, including the short run shows that are only there for First Thursday week. First Thursday is crowds and atmosphere, a social event and, when it all comes together, something rather special,  but Friday and the weekend after First Thursday is when you can explore it all without all the elbows and the people standing in front of the art talking and the drunks and,,,  actually come on Thursday and then come back and explore properly at the weekend. 
Cultivate, September First Thursday, 2013

Cultivate, September First Thursday, 2013

Vyner Street and First Thursday, for all its faults, still excites us…. bring on Thursday… 
CULTIVATE - August First Thursday

CULTIVATE – August First Thursday

Chris Godber, one of the artists currently involved in the ART IS FOR LIFE show at Cultivate, Vyner Street


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