This is the last time we say it – ARTISTS, PLEASE COLLECT YOUR DAMN ART!!!

Well we’ve warned you artists several times now, we warned you on line, in e.mails, in private massages, via Facebook instant messages, in mailouts, via Twitter, via text message, I shall say I here again for one last time…”I;ll be there on Thursday” you said, you didn’t show (again), “Yeah, coming in on Saturday” you said, Saturday came and went… Amazed at how many of you just leave it here and don’t bother…


This is the last time we say it – ARTISTS, PLEASE COLLECT YOUR ART!!!

Landfill site with waste truck dumping refuseLet me repeat what we said the other week

“By now you artists should have all clued in to the fact the gallery space comes to an end at 5pm on Sunday December 8th. The space is maybe closing, maybe evolving, see previous blog for notions of art chutes and such. We’ve been telling you artists every time you join in a show that we have no storage and art has to be picked up promptly at the end of the show you are taking part in. Alas that has not stopped some of you leaving your precious art (I assume it is precious to you?) with us for months and months, and in some cases, despite our constant personal messages and such asking you to collect it, over two years (like this bloody big sculpture in this great big box that has been right here under my feet in my studio, since late 2011). Artists, you have been warned lots of times, we’ve sent you direct messages, we’ve said on line, we’ve said in the show info we send you when you submit your work, we are saying it again here for all to see. Art must be picked up.

Shorewood Hills WI garbage truckANY ART NOT COLLECTED from the gallery, including prints and such left in the print rack, by the weekend of December 7th/8th will be sold off cheap (with all proceeds going to the gallery), given away, recycled or disposed of in some way on that weekend. Your art will be gone by December 9th so DON’T come asking for it on or after that date. If you haven’t at least been in touch by the 7th we are assuming you have OFFICIALLY relinquished all interest in and ownership of your abandoned pieces of unloved art and that said art is ours to dispose of in whatever way we see fit. Thank you”

All art left over the last 27 months, all art in the current show, all of it must go, things evolve once the doors are closed on Sunday evening, it won’t be around on Monday, YOU have been warned many many times now, don’t come crying and moaning about it next week!

And as for the evolution of the space, watch this space, we’re doing things with the space….

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