JULIE CAVES – Sunshine and Shadow

Right now our guest space at Cultivate Evolved is occupied by one large piece of work from JULIE CAVES.  Originally from the Southern part of the United States, Julie Caves is a rather bold contemporary artist, currently   living and working in North East London. You can find Julie’s rather refreshing yellow work on our wall now (you can also find some of her deliciously red apples in the rack), Julie will be our guest until 15th Jan, whereupon the space will be taken over for two weeks by Russian artist PHILIP FURSOF, more about Philip in a couple of days. The guest artist will change every two weeks, watch this space for news of who will be joining is as guest for February First Thursday…

JANUARY FIRST THURSDAY and that big Julie Caves piece...

JANUARY FIRST THURSDAY and that big Julie Caves piece…

Thanks to everyone who came along for January First Thursday, we night just have been the only gallery in East London that opened last Thursday, and the street might have looked rather bleak besides of corner, but hey, we don’t see why art should stop for trivial things like Christmas and New Year or why it should  take everyone else so long to wake up again once the indulgence is all over.



We’re open, we have been since the start of the year, different artist in the space and looking after the work while working away. Today, Gareth Morgan is the artist is residence, yesterday we were intrigued to see what Julia Maddison would make, Genevieve used the space to paint some small pieces (and for the first time is what feels like years, I get to be back here in my studio painting (and not exclaiming!), well right now I’m clearly not painting, I’m telling you about the start of the year at Cultivate Evolved. The new Julia Maddison pieces are on sale in the the art chute of a gallery now. We’re rather excited about the evolution and the idea of an art chute, 2014 is alive with possibilities down on our corner of Vyner Street.

WHAT GEN MADE last Thursday....

WHAT GEN MADE last Thursday….

A very big thank you to those of you who did come out for January First Thursday, we think we go off to a rather positive start, thanks to everyone who brought along wine (we did seem to drink rather a lot of wine!). Hopefully you are getting the idea of what we’re doing now with this evolved space and the walls split up in to ten clearly defined spaces 

We will change the guest artist every two weeks, each fortnight a selected artist will be given a space 120cm wide and 290cm high, approximately the same space as the eight resident artists have.  We’re programming the guest artist spaced for the first three months of 2014 right now. if you want to be considered as one of the guest artists then please make contact via info@cultivatevynerstreet.com 

First  sales of the year at the art chute that is Cultivate Evolved

First Sean sales of the year at the art chute that is Cultivate Evolved



JULIA MADDISON and a bit of SEAN WORRALL. Jan 2014

JULIA MADDISON and a bit of SEAN WORRALL. Jan 2014

Cultivate Evolved is open from 11.30am until 6pm Thursday through to Sunday every week, on other days we are open by appointment. We’re open from 6pm until (at least) 9pm every First Thursday. There are eight resident artists involved in Cultivate Evolved on a permanent basis right now, we each have a clearly defined piece of wall that we can and will change whenever we want (expect things to regularly evolve). We will be taking it in turn to look after the space and work in there, you will always find at least one of us during the advertised open hours (and probably at other times as well).

Cultivate has evolved, we’re excited, all we need now is for the rest of the galleries in the street to wake up, come on, where are you!? We had a great January First Thursday, thanks everyone…


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