Our corner, First Thursday...

Our corner, First Thursday…


Monday morning, bring it on, what can you throw at us thus week? Cultivate doesn’t open on Mondays (or Tuesdays), unless by appointment of course, all change on Wednesday as we set up and install new work from our in house artists, including new permanent members QUIET BRITISH ACCENT and M.O.B who join us for March and onwards (a big thanks to Chris and Katrine for their contributions over the last three months, they leave us this week, hopefully we shall see them back as guest artists at some point) . We shall be installing new work from our in-house artists, we have the paintings of guest Angelique Hartigan on the wall for the next two weeks, Emma Harvey’s International Women’s Day walls will be going up this Wednesday and stay in place (and hopefully evolve) for all of March – still time to get involved in her wall before the madness of March First Thursday kicks in. get in touch via for more details

aaa_cultevolved_marchfirsttI think we can declare the first First Saturday a success, lots of good people, art, music, food and more, hopefully it will happen again in April…. Watch this space.

In terms of artist calls, the guest spaces are now full right through until the middle of May now, unless you feel like exciting us enough to join in and have a wall for this First Thursday evening, we do have one guest space free for this week, we’ll use it ourselves unless you wish to.

There is still time to get involved in Emma Harvey’s Women’s day wall (for a month), I’m rather excited by her wall, some interesting art and artists lined up.

First Saturday, we'll have time to make a sign for next month....

First Saturday, we’ll have time to make a sign for next month….

And we are now looking for one more committed pro-active artist to be a full time artist at Cultivate Evolved from April onwards. if any of this interested you please do get in touch, but before you do, please do check out what we’re about, have a read of the blogs and such, if you want white cube formality and carefully manicured boredom this is not the space for you, we’re not interested in carefully worded art-school artist statements or the established way of doing things, we’re interested in energy, excitement, creativity, pro-active committed art from artists who want to walk it rather than just talking it

Right then, time to get the walls changed and the place refreshed and evolved for another First Thursday, big thanks to everyone who came along over the weekend…. This is a pro-active artist-run, maximalist punk rock art space, you either get it or you don’t. .

Here’s how it looked last week, all change again this week, ongoing evolution…. I am in the middle of a big blog about First Saturday, the ongoing evolution, guests, the street and more, for  today, you just get this quick update…

Last week... all change for this week....

Last week… all change for this week….


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