CULTIVATE EVOLVED – An update from Vyner Street; battledecks, golden walls, artist calls and…..

CULTIVATE EVOLVED April 2014For those of you not on the gallery mailing list, here’s the newsletter that went out last night…..

CULTIVATE EVOLVED – An update from Vyner Street, battledecks, golden walls, artist calls and…..

An update? Another update, there’s always something to update. What’s happening at Cultivate Evolved?

Well we’re still here, that’s the first bit of (good) news, we’re told the proposed demolition of our space on the corner isn’t going to happen for at least a few more months now. The developers and the council and the powers who bribe the powers that be are still arguing it all out. Getting tougher to exist as artists in the East End, the chances of a “better Woolworths” are looking a little slim now, looks like we’ve still got time to put some more art on the walls and continue to enjoy doing things our way down Vyner Street for a little while yet though.

aaa_cultevolved_may1firsttgThanks to everyone who came to the recent openings and events, or better still, thanks to those who came along during the opening hours where you can see it all without the elbows and the drinking and the everything else.

Actually April First Thursday was a little bit of a return to form for the street, looks like artists, galleries and spaces are waking up a little as the better weather kicks in (don’t know why art slows down for winter?)

We go on for a another week with our current guest artists MICHELLE MILDENHALL and GLENN “Fitzy” FITZPATRICK and their battle decks, latex, ball gags, collared queens, petrol pumps, apples and more, rather pleased with the guest walls right now. Michelle and Fitzy have their work on our walls until April 23rd when we change over and in comes BERNADETTE LOUISE Heartbreaker Housewife with her marigold gloves alongside contemporary painter PAUL FENWICK. Our guests take a wall each for two weeks and share the space with our in-house artists EMMA HARVEY, GARETH MORGAN, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, JESSICA BALLANTYNE, JULIA MADDISON, M.O.B  and myself .SEAN WORRALL.

The Red wall

The Red wall

Our curated wall this month, following on from last month’s International Women’s Day wall put together by Emma Harvey, is a Red wall of red things – red art, red paintings, red prints featuring the art of The Red wall of art will stay up throughout April with art from BEN FENTON, MARIA TERESA GAVAZZI, VANYA BALOGH, SOPHIE CULLINAN, SAMIA MALIK, MADELEINE STRINDBERG, SARAH CARPENTER and SAFFRON REICHENBACKER.

The Red wall is up until the end of April and then things turn gold. The GOLD wall will be in place throughout May – a wall alive with art of a yellow/gold nature/feel

yellow at Cultivate (Fool's Gold show, March 2012ARTIST CALLS – if you would like a chance to get involved with the GOLD wall or one of our guests spaces then you will find lots more information here or e.mail

We shall be open as usual throughout the Easter holiday, 11.30am until 6pm Thursday  to Sunday, or by appointment at any other time.



And while we’re here may I please draw your attention to MILD MILD WHERE? What’s Tracie doing? Where’s mild anyway? Today’s blank canvas and a touch of fundraising…..

Big thanks.


on-line shop –

yellow days at Cultivate

yellow days at Cultivate



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