….pictures, words, objects, flotsam & jetsam along the theme of Used Boots and Panties…

Used  (What julia Made)

Used (What julia Made)

For June (for June is nearly upon us), part of Cultivate will be taken over by Julia Maddison for a month, here’s what Julia has to say…

“I’m putting together a wall of art for Cultivate Evolved, the small and often surprising gallery in Vyner Street. I am collecting together (I hesitate to use the word “curating”) pictures, words, objects, flotsam & jetsam along the theme of Used Boots and Panties; think the Ian Dury album, then a bit more sordid. If you’d like to take part in an entertaining, hopefully thought provoking little show which will open with all the jollity of a summer East End First Thursday, please get in touch. Things, photos of things, written memories of things, shopping lists, sculptures, old pants, paintings, drawings, tights, maybe a performance (why not?), the works…”




Artists involved in Used Boots and Panties probably (or possibly) include – Susannah King, Bernadette Louise Heartbreaker Housewife, Sophie Cullinan, Maria Teresa Gavazzi, Ashley Scott Fitzgerald, Matthew Randle, Gazillion Artist, Mathew Tudor, K T Kinnear, Jack Florish, Martin Adams, Laura Fishman, Julie Steward and….

Julia and her used boots and such will take over one wall (and probably bits of the ceiling and maybe a plinth) for the whole of June from First Thursday June 5th. The rest of the gallery will be taken up by the ever evolving walls of work from our current slew of in-house artists – MOB, JESSICA BALLANTYNE, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, SEAN WORRALL, EMMA HARVEY and the unused art of JULIA MADDISON as well as our guest artist BENJAMIN JENSEN taking up one of the guest wall spaces.  And the other guest space, well watch this space…. More news tomorrow, we’re cooking up a few things…

All change again this week in terms of the guest space. We say goodbye to London-based Brazilian artist ROMEN GOUVEIA and his bold reds, his photographic manipulation of guilty pleasures and such.  The large piece has been enjoying a lot of positive attention there dominating things in such a positive way, a really strong piece hanging there in the middle of the gallery wall over the last two weeks.


ROMEN GOUVEIA –  guilty.pleasure.6′  (digital.photography – acrylic-reverse)  100cm x 150cm

We shall have more news tomorrow about the next guests, that big Alo piece we saved from the builders skip, maybe something about Bakewell art tarts, and the line up of artists joining us for the Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair. …

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