Who is Kidd Feather?

Back at the start of June, the “Who is Kidd Feather?” question was asked over on the Organ pages….. Here’s a repeat of that very question along with the answers that were posted that day….   London-based Swiss artist and musician Kidd Feather is current one of our guest artists at Cultivate Evolved, his cold colourful paintings (and painted eggs) are there to be explored until the end of the month…

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Who is Kidd Feather?



There’s a biography that’s full of music business hot air, you don’t need all that, came across him and his art somewhere in London sometime yesterday. Kidd Feather in from Switzerland, he’s based in East London now. His paintings are colourful, alive, primitive, uplifting, the paintings kind of match his innocent vocal style – rather like his style, his simple art and his stylish pop…








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