A Fete was Saturday, glorious day in Shoreditch, Cultivate is branching out

Ah, the benefits of summer and fetes worse than death and the notions of a better Woolworths and thanks to everyone who braved both the oppressive heat and the inconsiderate rainstorms and came along to both the opening of Little Summer Benefits last Thursday as well as A Fete Worse Than Death last Saturday.   Saturday was good, it was emotional for some, there’s a giant bag of photos from the day over on the Organ pages here and a whole load of exclaiming at A Fete Worse Than Death, A better Woolworths, celebrating the life and legacy of Joshua Compston, East London and the act of doing, as well as some thoughts and far too many words here – “Saturday did feel gloriously good, a celebration of a legacy, a glorious day alive with creativity, with the glorious art of doing things, of engaging, a brilliant day shared with good people and a sense of things still just about being possible (Darren Coffield, Alice Herrick, Sam Walker and their teams deserve a big thanks, they put in lots of work to make it all happen, these things don’t just happen)”, go surf on all those links up there if you want more

A FETE... - 2014

A Fete was Saturday, glorious day in Shoreditch, Cultivate is branching out, so far this year we’ve been to Brick Lane, Liverpool and Shoreditch, we’re off to Folkstone, feels like it is time to bust out – not quite ready to cut completely loose yet, the last throws of Vyner Street are not far off, the lieks of us are not welcome there now……

Right now, this week, down on our corner of Vyner Street we’re halfway through the Little Summer Benefit thing, lots of  smaller pieces of art from a variety of artists, all pieces priced at no more than £200, some for sale at no more than £1



an evolving LITTLE SUMMER BENEFITS wall of small pieces of art priced between £1 and £200.. Paintings, prints, drawings, photographs and more until July 29th…. Artists featured on the wall and in the rack during Little Summer Benefits include ANNA ARBITER, BEN NAZ, CARNE GRIFFITHS, D7606, EMMA HARVEY, GARETH MORGAN, GILES SKERRY, HELEN GRANT, JULIA MADDISON, MARCELINA AMELIA, MARTIAL DUROU, MATHEW TUDOR, MICHELLE MILDENHALL, NADINE TALALLA, PETER SULO, QUIET BRITISH ACCENT, SEAN WORRALL, 616. ZOE CROSSE and more t.b.c as the wall continues to evolve.  Artists who still wish to get involved during the final week should contact us via info@cultivatevynerstreet.com


More of this kind of thing later….


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