ARTIST CALL: I’ll Be Back In Five Minutes…

Show_CE_FiveMinsAnd then… The last ever group show on our corner down Vyner Street will open on September 25th, run until October 5th

I’LL BE BACK IN FIVE MINUTES….. One last cool as flip explosive salon hang of a group show at Cultivate and down the thing we know and love(d) as Vyner Street, one more before it goes bang and we let it all evolve again.

A ten day show to put a full stop on this chapter of our ongoing Cultivate adventure..

I’ll Be Back in Five Minutes will open on Thursday morning 25th September, run for one week The show will include a late opening on October First Thursday evening, one last First Thursday – our 38th First Thursday in an unbroken row. The show will end on Sunday October 5th (anyone want to buy some plinths?)  .

COME JOIN IN, THE LAST CALL FOR ARTISTS, one last chance to be part of one of those legendary First Thursday group shows….

We’ll be back in five minutes – if you wish to be considered, then please contact for more info.

it would be good to have at least one artist we’ve not heard of yet on our walls next week. We’re rather proud of our record over the last three years in terms of our group shows than the platform they have provided…

What next? Watch this space, we’ll be back in five minutes, Vyner Street is only one chapter,  a longer chapter than we expected, only one chapter though…




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