FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT: The final Vyner Street weekend and an album of First Thursday images

firstoct27FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT:: From September 1st 2011 until October 5th 2014, the space and idea known as Cultivate operated on a corner on Vyner Street (Bethnal Green, East London).

The space was operated as a rather full-on artist-run challenge of a gallery. The sometimes rewarding, sometimes infuriating space was run, on a daily basis, by two artists, Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey. A constant never-closed run of some 112 events, group shows, solo shows and more, all over a non-stop period of thirty seven very active open-door months. We think we can feel rather pleased with what we achieved.

firstoct37Three and a bit years was more than enough for us and for the street. On October 5th 2014 Cultivate left Vyner Street, we shall be taking the idea to new spaces and places. The corner space in Vyner Street has now been renamed and taken over by a new group of artists – we wish them well (we believe they will be open this Thursday morning and keeping the same hours as we did).

More Cultivation soon, watch the website and various Social media feeds, both Emma and I are busy painting this week, more organising in a bit, we shall be back in five minutes. We thank all who have been involved, see you soon.  (Sean, Emma)



Sunday evening, 5th October:  Clearing out, mustn’t forget the kettle…. Big big thanks to everyone who came along to Vyner Street this afternoon, thanks to everyone who came and hung out, collected work, came armed with Guinness, bought art, bought my art and generally dropped by for the final day today. Big thanks to all the artists, the real locals, everyone who’s supported us and good luck to the new set of artist makers who take over the space this coming week (I thing they plan to open the doors on Thursday morning), hope they enjoy it as much as Emma Harvey artist and I have, been a most excellent three and a bit years, we shall be back with more in five minutes, back with new things, we had a blast and it feels just right to be moving on and evolving it all yet again


Sunday morning, 5th October:  Very last day at Cultivate in terms of Vyner Street then. from tomorrow the space is in the hands of new people and gets a new name and a new way of doing things. Final show ends today, final clear out of all art today, we’re open from 11.30am until 6pm. Last chance to explore the space that has been our home for the last three and a bit years, last chance to grab a slice of art. Lots of bargains today, clear out those painted record sleeves, growth covered packing cases and more, everything must go, come buy a plinth, clear out the print rack, found an old bit of 616 in there yesterday, still got one last Carne Griffiths print, come see what we have EVERYTHING MUST GO TODAY!


Late Saturday evening, 4th October:   Everything Must Go, lots did go today, one final day of Cultivate, Vyner Street this Sunday, lots of art to come and bag, both mine and pieces from others, things in the current I’ll Be Back In Five Minutes show and things left around the place over the last three years. We close for the last time at 6pm this Sunday…. Today was fun

emg_thursdayFriday evening, 3rd October:   EVERYTHING MUST GO: Final weekend at Cultivate then, come clear us out, everything must go (even the plinths), for this final weekend all my (Sean) work (big pieces as well as small) is for sale at just £20 a shot (well besides the pieces that are £1, £5 and such), if £20 is too much make an offer, I imagine I shall be given some pieces away over the weekend. I expect there will be some selling off of work that people have left over the last three years, some bargains from some art stars. By Sunday evening we want an empty gallery for the new people to come fill up on Monday Come explore Cultivate’s corner of Vyner Street for one last time…

All you artists in the current show, please remember all art must leave today or tomorrow, as for the rest of you, I think we’ve said many times that all uncollected work is assumed to be unwanted and will be sold off, given away, recycled or disposed of this weekend…. EVERYTHING MUST GO


Friday morning, 3rd October:  Big big thanks to all who came to the final show last night, we go one for one more weekend, open today (Friday), Saturday and Sunday. All Sean Worrall pieces left in the space are for sale at £20 or less, we have Julia Maddison hand made prints for £5 and £10 we have a room full of art to explore Emma Harvey artist, Bruce Lovelock, Gareth Morgan, Tim Goffe, Joanna Georgiades, Zoe Crosse, Vanya Baloghh, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Monika Tobel and more we’ve got one (now rather rare) Carne Griffiths print left in the space for sale, we clean up the walls paint them and empty the space on Sunday, then hand on to a whole load of new artists who are going to run the space from Monday onwards…. come clear us out, everything must go, one last weekend down Vyner Street

beckroadVery early Morning, 3rd October:  Sold this painting tonight, so we took it on a pilgrimage along Beck Road and the real spirit of the East End and Vyner Street and number 50 Beck Road. A fitting full stop to this chapter of Cultivate and three years down that street

Thursday morning 2nd October:   Looks like a good day for a last ever Cultivate, Vyner Street First Thursday on our rather special corner then. One more Thursday evening and one more weekend down Vyner Street before we hand over the space to the next group of art makers. I expect there shall be six or seven other galleries and spaces open on the street tonight, we have a gallery full of diverse art ready to explore, poke in the corners and you never know what you might find lurking….

And here’s the photo album from the final Cultivate First Thursday down Vyner Street




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