What’s happening now down on that corner in Vyner Street then?

projectspacedoorWhat’s happening now down on that corner in Vyner Street then?

The official launch of the Project Space AKA Street Corner Galley, the Vyner Street space that formally housed Cultivate, will happen on the first Thursday of November. Now for the complete avoidance of doubt, this is NOTHING to do with us, we’ve vacated the space. Cultivate has left the building, art goes on in the space, but we are not involved, we’re just passing on the news and supporting the new occupants here, we handed them the keys, they painted the door red (we never painted it red, we only ever photoshopped it red), and we look forward to exploring what they have, they are open already, they officially launch on Thursday evening November 6th

“Please join us in celebrating this exciting new space and collective of artists by dropping in on the evening of the 6th of November. Please feel free to bring as many people as you like! We look forward to seeing you there.Sincerely”

Looks like the occupants have formed themselves an artists collective, there’s some old Cultivate friends and collaborators involved, there’s some artists we don’t know involved and when we shout that Cultivate is not involved that is only us making it clear the credit or the glory is not ours

projectspacelistProject Space  Protocol:

“The space is an artists run collective, it is not a conventional gallery of any kind. The space is to be used as a platform for ideas: testing new work, Installations, solo exhibitions and collaborations.

The use of the space is not restricted to the artists installed there, but could also involve artists from the original collective, and possibly people from outside. The space could be hired for one week in every month by someone unknown to the group. This would enable the original members to withdraw from the space and contemplate there work, and inject funds back into the project.

The space is run on a non profit basis, however that does not prevent the sale of works on an individual basis.

Each member of the (in-house) collective will have the opportunity to exhibit there work in a solo exhibition for a period of one week. One of the curators would act as an advisor to the exhibitor, but the space would be controlled by the exhibitor for the duration of the show.

There will be a themed show every 6-8 weeks, that will involve some or all members of the group.

There is no collective identity for the group: we are bound together by our desire to deepen our understanding of our work and to engage with other artists”.

We team Cultivate wish everyone well…. Create and enjoy, artists doing it ourselves has to be part of the answer.


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