Happy new year, the book, the Chinese Open, the first six #365ArtDrops and…

chineseopen2015_flyerHappy New Year people, the walls of the old place really are coming down now, or at least the guts are being ripped out of the old building (and some might say the whole of Vyner Street), last time I was there the first floor had all been ripped out and place was looking more like a shell than a complex of galleries and studios.  Vyner Street was last year though, like we promised, we’ll be back in five minutes with new shows, new events and new things in a number of different art spaces – Cultivate was always going to move around, that’s why that particular space was called Cultivate Vyner Street..  And like we already said, we’ll be back in five minutes, lots going on behind the scenes right now. Meanwhile we’re busy putting the book together, i m busy dropping a piece of art every day as part of the #365ArtDrops and some of us are preparing for the 2015 Chinese Open – last year’s was a highlight of a very busy 2014.    The book will feature many of the artists who share out walls over the three and a bit years of Cultivate being in Vyner Street, we’ll be contacting you artists very soon about it, do have a read of the previous blogs for more about it all.  Happy new Year one and all, I entered it paint brush in hand on the morning of January 1st and so far it has been a rather busy one, here’s something I posted somewhere else on Jan 1st, it does no harm to repeat it here, this year is going to have to be about artists coming together to make things happen…

“Well my year was entered with paintbrush in hand and fresh layers growing on a big canvas, always like to start the year doing something positive and creative. Happy new year to one and all…. I suspect this is going to be a tough year, the idiots on the right both in government and even further over, the Tory attacks on the working classes, the gentrification, the property developers, this is going to be a battle. At times like this creativity and a united community is more important than ever, at times like this art is far more important than it is in the good times. This needs to be a year of creativity, of community, of unity and people coming together to make positive things happen… this is going to be an important year, a year where we need to come together, to unite, happy new year, be creative, build communities… .”  (Sean)

The First six day of the three hundred and sixty five look something like this….

365 Art drops on recycled found things in 2015. Painting on unwanted things, things found on the street, painted on, then left out again for people to (hopefully) take and enjoy. Something I shall hopefully, all being well, be doing throughout 2015…



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