Glorious Shame, Emma Harvey at Gallery X, Dublin, with the Hysterical Women Collective…

evh_dublinflyerThis Friday night Cultivate co-founder Emma Harvey features as part of a group show called Glorious Shame. The show runs from September 18th until October 16th at Gallery X over in Dublin (Ireland)  The show is called “Glorious Shame” and is brought to you by the Hysterical Woman collective  – “Scandalous secrets are revealed and glorified. The shameful is revered. Taboos are sanctified. Come and stare into the darkest corners of your mind”. so they say.

The show also features Cultivate regular Julia Maddison as well at Alexandra Unger, recently seen in Cultivate’s Play show over in London Fields. .

Hysterical Women is an international art collective based in London. The Show will “artworks ranging from painting, sculpture, collage, installation to printmaking, this exhibition promises to free you from your inhibitions”.  Featuring art by:Alexandra Unger, Anna Lewenhaupt, Emma Harvey, Indrani Ashe, Marcela Iriarte, Julia Maddison and Suzann Kundi. The show will open on Culture Night with a performance by Alexandra Unger.

The Posters, featuring an Emma Harvey painting, one from her Fleshed series, on the Dublin streets, look good. For more details on the Fleshed series that first appeared in a solo show in Cultivate in late 2013 go here   (SW)


play_sun30Alexandra Unger, as recently seen,  in the foreground, at Cultivate’s Play show over in London Fields. .




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