The potential of open exhibitions

it seems I shall be putting on my suit and tie and giving a presentation/talk and taking part in this discussion in Colchester at the rather expansive looking Firstsite Gallery tomorrow. Rather keen to visit the gallery and see the current exhibition Firstsite invited me to take part in the discussion which in itself has caused some interest with one London curator refusing to be on the same discussion panel and asking for me to be removed (one of those pay just to submit a e.mail lot who thinks we artists are their cash cows), not sure what happened to her in the in the end, not willing to talk about it in public. So anyway, talk and presentation from me and four others then a discussion, Should be an interesting evening… (I may have lied about the suit and tie bit). For the record I’m a strong supporter of group shows and open call shows, I think they’re vital, I’ve put on many, I’ve found some exciting artists through holding them. I just question the way some open calls are rather cynically run by galleries and curators and the way artists are treated as nothing but cash cows by those who so often claim to be supporting artists. (SW)


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