You don’t need to buy a book or subscribe to a website to work out how to approach us, all about artists working together and making it happen..

There’s some Organ magazine coverage of the Reveal show here, week on from the show now and we still have smiles on our faces (if putting on art shows doesn’t make you smile then why are you doing it?).  Big thanks to everyone who came along to our first Cultivate show of the year, we were surprised to see so many of you over the first cold wet weekend of the year, one of the busiest shows we’ve ever had. There’s some words and images here ORGAN THING: Reveal, An Art Show in a Railway Arch, the opening night…  There’s also a bit of coverage on what Cecily did next here as well, taking part in a Cultivate show one day, Britain’s Got Talent the next.

Cultivate @ Fount Jan 2016 - Marnie Scarlet

Cultivate @ Fount Jan 2016 – Marnie Scarlet

Someone came in to the show last Saturday and asked where we find our artists and how could they get involved in future shows?  Cultivate is run by artists, we started Cultivate because the attitude of the gallery people and spaces we were encountering in London was frustrating.   We’re first and foremost working artists, not gallery people here to exploit artists.

We mostly work with London based artists, this is because most of our shows are hands on affairs where we expect artists to roll up their sleeves, leave their egos outside the front door, get their hands dirty and get involved and because we live and work and put on our show in London (although, we’re always open to the idea of Cultivating in other places)  .



We welcome artists getting in contact (do come and say hello and don’t forget all your links), we do look at websites and social media, of course the art you make is the most important thing, but the way you go about things is important to us as well (there’s an awful lot of artists who seem happy to use us as a stepping stone and then don’t want to know once things start to happen or for that matter when they’re putting their own group shows together) .  We do keep an eye on a lot of artists, on their social media, on what the artists who interest us are doing. We go to a lot of shows, we were out checking out art shows last night, we’ll be out again tonight, we’re always exploring, watching, looking at art, watching websites, keeping an eye on things, and we’re always looking for exciting new artists who make art that excites us and who go about things in the right way.  All very simple, we do get back to everyone, and if something comes up we think you’ll fit in then we’ll be in touch, you don’t need to buy a book or subscribe to a website to work out how to approach us. All about artists working together and making it happen, it is about working together though, a two way thing.

And no, we’d never ever dream of cynically charging you just to submit an image via an e.mail, what kind of artists get his or her fellow artists to do that?




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