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Organ is something that’s been around in one form or another for twenty-nine and a bit years now, these days Organ takes the form of a no thrills (almost daily) blog. It started life as a hand made hand screen printed zine, it has taken the form of a giant flyposter, an issue was printed on a t-shirt, several appeared as cassettes that were sold by hand at gigs and such as well as sent all over the globe via mailorder.  Organ evolved in a glossy printed magazine, it gave birth to a record label and something like two hundred slices of vinyl and CD. There was a pre-internet long-before-you-tube weekly TV show broadcast on public access television, it gave birth to hundreds of Organ gigs, music events, art events and music festivals like the Eight Day Itch, there was a radio show on London’s arts radio station Resonance FM and eventually Organ helped gave birth to Cultivate (via the Stinging Netil thing where we took over a whole East London market for a day and filled with artists, performers and bands).

Organ can be followed over at, you’ll find a daily dose of underculture, music, art, paint, news, sounds. in recent days there has been features on a new outdoor gallery called Elements, on Ivan Argote’s piece hanging outside Space studio, the art in the window on the Last Tuesday Society, the new album from Gitane Demone and lots lots (lots) more, do go explore, there’s lots to discover….


ORGAN THING: Elements, a potentially exciting new East London gallery out in the elements…

ORGAN THING: Mare Street, An Idea of Progress? Space, Stik, Last Tuesday Society, Ivan Argote, The Cockney Shoe Model, the Regeneration architect, the impact entrepreneur, the futures thinker and Tony Two Vans…

ORGAN THING: The Gitane Demone Quartet go way out past the sun (again)…




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