13 Questions, an ongoing series of interviews with artists who excite…

Over on Cultivate’s Sister website Organ, you’ll find the start of an ongoing series of interview with artists, here’s the links to the first four…

13 Questions

thirteenxThirteen Questions From Organ. The idea is simple, an ongoing series of thirteen questions sent out to people who’s creativity we’re rather admiring and enjoying at the moment – artists, musicians, film makers, cake testers and who knows who…

4: AIDA WILDE –  13 QUESTIONS FROM ORGAN: Aida Wilde, demonic Print maker… – Aida Wilde is a defiant artist, a “demonic Print-maker”, an East London survivor. It is mostly about survival right now, her curating and pulling together of things in terms of the Lorn Napier pub and what happened on the walls over there in Hackney Wick last year really was one of the best things that…

3: EMMA HARVEY13 QUESTIONS FROM ORGAN: The delicious circles of painter Emma Harvey…  – The third episode in a series of thirteen questions, Thirteen Questions From Organ. This time a little closer to homewith thirteen questions for English artist Emma Harvey, a painter mostly (and co-curator of those Cultivate events of course), Emma’s circle paintings are turning heads right now… read on


2: ESPIRA –  13 QUESTIONS FROM ORGAN: The raw meat of artist Espira – Who is Espira? Answering that question really isn’t that easy, information is thin on the ground, he’s one of those artists who doesn’t say much about his rather intriguing art, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a bit of… read on

1: KIM LEUTWYLER –  13 QUESTIONS FROM ORGAN: Kim Leutwyler… – Kim Leutwyler is a painter who we’ve been admiring for some time, her beautifu use of colour,  her delightfully human pieces, her celebrations of people… read on

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