The fate of Fish Island, the fight for a community, the greed of a few…


Lucinda Rogers – animation still

Here ar Cultivate we make no apology for our anger about the way the artist community and the galleries, studios and engaging community were forced out of East London’s Vyner Street a couple of years ago, a specia lstreet lost to the greed and inflated ego of one rather obnoxiously dishonest business man (a self proclaimed “future thinker” and pouter of total hosepoop, his Twitter feed is a work of comedy genuis). No one really fought for the unique and rather special street, the council really didn’t care, neither did the media (including the rather disappointingly apathetic London art media). Vyner Street was a street taken very much for granted until it was gone, and this is something were seeing again and again as engaging art studios and community gallery spaces are being forced out to be replaced by greedy developments that care for nothing but profit and greed.  This time the community of Hackney Wick are being forced out by business men (aided by the Mayor of London) who want to build themselves a rather unneeded bridge in Hackney Wick, a bridge one minute away fron the next bridge along, one of several bridges in the Fish Island area, an areas served rather well by bridges. No one stood with us over Vyner Street, we stand with the artists, musicians and community of Hackney Wick and Fish Island. Join us tomorrow please, anyone who cars about art or community in London should be there, this is about far more than jsut one community…    (sw)

Lucinda Rogers has made a new two-minute animated piece about #savevittoriawharf

“As you are aware Vittoria Wharf, a creative and community asset which was established seven years ago, is threatened by the London Legacy Development Corporation who control the Olympic legacy and additional land all around the Olympic park. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is responsible for the LLDC and Londoners are asking him to intervene in the decision to build the bridge.


“Decision time >>> Tuesday 28 March 6pm Stratford Old Town Hall – The Fate Of Fish Island? – Be There, more details via the campaigns’ Facebook event page   Please SHARE this event >>  This is our final chance to STOP Demolision of Vittoria Wharf and STOP Monier Road Bridge!

PLEASE JOIN US: Tuesday 28 March at 6pm Final LLDC Planning Committee Meeting The Old Town Hall, 29 Broadway, Stratford, E15 4BQ Meet us outside Stratford Old Town Hall from 5.30pm We oppose the plans and have ONE OPPORTUNITY to make our  voices heard on Tuesday 28 March.  We need you and anyone you know to come and show support for our campaign and save the creative communty. Please be there it is important to have as many people as  possible in The Old Town Hall so please come and show your support and tell people you know.



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