Something Black opens at 6pm this Monday evening…

The Something Black open call has now closed, thanks to everyone who submitted work, we’ve got back to most of you already, we’ll be getting back to the rest of you over the weekend as we make the final selections, “hang” the show and get ready for opening night.  Something Black opens on line at 6pm (UK time) on Monday April 24th. both here on the Cultivate site and over on the Organ magazine website


We’re going to be busy installing the show and making the final selections over the weekend, not sure how many submissions there have been, a lot more than 500 and probably getting near 1000 would be my guess right now.  Once again I shall write some notes about the whole selection process early next week once the the show has opened. it has been rather exciting to go through it all and explore people’s art as well as their websites, not everything was right for this particular show but we will be going back to one or two who aren’t featured in this particular show in the future..

The Red show has now been viewed by over 15,000 visitors, people feeding back from all over the world, we’re looking forward to seeing how people feel about the Something Black .  The on-line shows are not a substitute for the physical Cultivate shows of course, there is no serious substitute or alternative to the act of viewing art in the flesh on a wall hanging in a gallery (or on a street wall or hanging in a tree or on a plinth in a city centre or…), but we do follow the Red show with a second on-line show,  Opening night of the Something Black show, once again via both the Organ and Cultivate websites, will be Monday April 24th at 6pm.  We expect it to be at least twice the size of February’s Red show in terms of the art and the number of artists involved, we’re rather excited by the art that has come in for this one… (sw)



Coming next…
The next physical Cultivate gallery show will happen at a rather exciting big white-walled space just off the Hackney Road, on the borders of Hackney and Bethnal Green here in East London in June, the next physical group show will be a show called Interact. .

INTERACT will open on Thursday evening, June 15th, Cultivate at Coate and a pro-active group show alive with painting, installation, performance and more there on the walls and floors for you to interact with.

We’re gathering together the artists, the art and the whole thing right now (told you we were busy).  We have a number of other things in the pipeline but Interact will be our main summer group show, details of the artists will be coming along very soon, the invites are going out to artists right now….

And rather pleased to announced we’ll be back at the Art Car Boot Fair again this year, CULTIVATE at the ART CAR BOOT FAIR, LONDON on Sunday July 9th, and CULTIVATE at the ART CAR BOOT FAIR, FOLKESTONE on Saturday Sept 2nd, details of that one soon as well


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